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Professor X is the reason the world is so Terrible.
He used his powers to make little things go wrong around the world, ranging from Magneto losing control of his powers to, the Silver Surfer killing himself, most of the reasons why the world is so fucked is because he made it that way.

The Scarlet Witch is the reason the world is so Terrible.
Think about it. The Scarlet Witch is the only character who escaped unscathed for "turning in state evidence." And what is Scarlet Witch's power? Making unlikely events occur.

Captain America of this reality was William Burnside
The original Steve Rodgers might have been cannibalistic in this reality, but let's face it. Way too many things went right for Captain America to become a part of the Avengers in the mainstream continuity, which seems unlikely for a reality where everything is supposed to go wrong. William Burnside was still Captain America's replacement throughout the 1950s and 1960s and it was his bulletproof shield that's in the Quinjet that explodes at the beginning. The original Steve Rodgers either died in the explosion that took out Bucky or he's still frozen. Nick Fury said that he "hasn't seen America in a long time." This could be hyperbole or maybe he meant the real Captain America. And William Burnside's psychotic nature would perfectly fit the grim nature of the setting.

The fates of Marvel characters not addressed in this story.
  • After he ended up on Earth, Howard the Duck was murdered on sight by startled humans who assumed he was a hostile alien invader.
  • Steve Harmon was killed during his first adventure in Dimension X/Ecch because of Toon Physics gone horrifically wrong.
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  • Jessica Drew died of radiation poisoning before her father could cure her with the serum based on irradiated spider's blood. Either that, or the spider serum cure only worsened her condition.
  • Squirrel Girl died from rabies.
  • The High Evolutionary is a Doctor Moreau-like mad geneticist who never perfected his craft and can only make hideous animalistic combinations of humans and animals in his blood-stained laboratory atop Mount Wundagore using crude surgery and injections. His favorite creation he calls "Adam," a Frankenstein-like humanoid constantly rambling that he lost his 'special stone', and that he doesn't have a soul without it. Adam is also obsessed with finding the perfect mate and he abducts and then murders local women.
  • Kang the Conqueror is a madman locked up at Ravencroft Institute. He claims to be from the future and came back to stop the events leading to the ruining of the world as well as several famous figures and rulers throughout history. Currently he pretends to be Caligula figure; decadent, pompous, demanding royal honors and worship from all who listen to ramblings. He spends his days tinkering with alarm clocks and gadgets, says he's trying to recreate the time machine so that he can return. He also paints his face purple, and wears fetish leather boots.
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  • Thanos on the other hand is perfectly like himself. The only differences is that he was too successful with his nuking of Titan. Everyone died in the blasts, including Starfox and Mentor. He never found the Cosmic Cube due to Rick Jones never having the knowledge implanted in his head, so he's having to resort to halving the population of the universe one world at a time, much like his MCU counterpart, except he doesn't stop at just half. He just kills everyone to please Death. He hasn't touched Earth because that place is practically dead already and would be a waste of his time and resources to cull it. He's also a necrophiliac in this reality and brings corpses to bed with him.
  • Mephisto is also like himself, just presented much darker, more like popular depictions of Satan. He is the only being in this reality that is truly happy and successful. He's quite pleased at how all his plans and hard work paid off into turning this reality into the Hell it now is. He's eagerly awaiting for what his "son" and messiah will accomplish.

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