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The Cat, who claims to be god, belongs to the ruler of the universe
The ruler of the universe calls his cat The Lord, another way of referring to God (and in the dub the cat is called Lord Cat).

Behoimi is Asthmatic
She was so very enthusiastic and energetic whenever she talks that she ran out of air, thus developing asthma after she stopped being a Healing Type Magical Girl. After that, her speech suddenly became more bland and boring so as to prevent overworking her lungs. Her asthma is more apparent in the Vocal Best Album.
  • Alternatively, she has already asthma but she ignores it, but after quitting from being a Magical Girl, she became more down-to-earth. This caused her to be more cautious of her condition.

Behoimi is a Puella Magi

Ichijou is the physical embodiment of pure chaos, possibly a demigod.
It would explain her bizarre, seemingly random powers, and why almost everything she does is
Chaotic Stupid.

Pani Poni Dash! takes place in the Negima!? anime universe.

Lord Cat is actually Ceiling Cat, and Pani Poni Dash! shares the same universe with the LOLCats Bible
  • In the very first episode, we see Lord Cat up in the sky watching Becky. He also claims to be God. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Lord Cat is Chiyo-Chichi?

Mesousa is a cursed reincarnation of Kimura-sensei

Himeko is a cousin of Tomo, and Kurumi is a cousin of Nami

Behoimi,along with Media are former child soldiers that fought on opposite sides of the Kosovo war(s).
  • Behomi is suffering from PTSD from all the death and killing, and she created the magical girl persona to cope.
  • This would also explain why she was not pleased when Media showed up, and possibly explain her EOD skills.

Itou and Kafuka Fuura are the same kind of being

Why Kurumi Momose is often ignored
Some asshole wizard put a notice-me-not charm on her.

Rebecca Miyamoto is Professor
Why Rebecca is afraid of misplaced eyes
On her study trip to Spain, she met a fearsome Tenome.


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