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Trivia / Pani Poni Dash!

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  • Actor Allusion:
    • An extended one for Mugihito, the voice of the Alien Captain, who played Jean-Luc Picard in the Japanese dub of Star Trek: The Next Generation — including a part where the aliens randomly turn into TNG lookalikes. At one point he watches the movie Excalibur, specifically the part where Patrick Stewart's character vainly attempts to lift the sword from the stone.
      • He also briefly turns into Keel Lorenz, also voiced by Mugihito.
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    • There are some chalkboard gags that exhibits this. One episode there's a scribble saying "Embarrassing StaXment Are Prohibited" this refers to Aika Granzchesta's Catchphrase. Aika and Becky are both voiced by Chiwa Saito.
    • Kinda, for Akane Serizawa. She's voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, the VA of Mint Blancmanche. Both characters are obsessed with mascot costumes.
    • In the OVA, Ichijou has the same hairstyle and school uniform as Kafuka Fuura. Both are voiced by Ai Nonaka.
  • All-Star Cast: Both the English and Japanese dubs are filled with veteran voice actors… though due to the show's huge cast, there are plenty of newbies and unknowns too.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Mesousa is voiced by the singer and benshi Vanilla Yamazaki.
  • Dawson Casting: Averted with one voice in the English dub – Rei's VA was in high school at the time of recording. Ironically, some dub critics complained that Rei sounded too old.
  • Name's the Same: Sayaka Suzuki happens to also be the name of a singer in real life.
    • Also Rei Tachibana here is not Dyna Pink.
  • The Other Darrin: In the English dub, Alien Captain changed voice actors in episode 15 due to Mike MacRae leaving Houston. This is of course lampshaded in the dialogue.
    "New helmet. But that's beside the point!"
    • The Giant Salamander has a different voice every episode it appears in. No one ever comments on it.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Ryoko Shintani and Miyuki Sawashiro work together once again, along with Ai Nonaka and Hiroshi Kamiya, all of them would later feature in Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei.
  • Star-Making Role: Brittney Karbowski as Himeko. This is one of her earliest lead roles, and her success in this Houston-based dub soon led to Funimation casting her for Dallas-based dubs like Soul Eater (her breakout there) and B Gata H Kei.
    • To a lesser extent, Melissa Davis as Kurumi and Maggie Flecknoe as Ichijo.


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