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Katarina is on the asexual and/or aromantic spectrum
  • Even ignoring her obliviousness, Katarina never expresses any real desire to pursue any of her friends in a romantic or sexual way.
  • She is described as "immune" to the charms of her various suitors, like Nicol's smile, while others are usually affected.
  • Her fantasies about growing old don't involve a significant other or anything, just a cat on her lap.
  • Despite acknowledging and appreciating the attractiveness of her friends, the closest she gets to showing actual desire is with wanting to touch Sophia's hair, being in awe of Nicol's smile at first, and swooning over Maria, none of which bar her from being ace or aro or somewhere on either spectrum.
    • Jossed. In all mediums, Katarina specifically states that she doesn't see any of the characters romantically because she was mentally 17 years old when they were kids (with the exception of Maria), so she sees them as cute little kids instead. Furthermore, later in the series, she falls in love with Geordo.

Katarina's misconception about communing with the earth will give her plant magic.
  • Jossed. Katarina does get a secondary magic attribute that gets more focus, but it's dark magic.

Katarina isn't mentally older than her physical body like her inner dialogue often asserts.
  • She is mentally 15 even with her past memories. Her assertions are just purely down to seeing herself as more mature than she really is, as is often the case with teenagers. If she were mentally 17 or 32, she would have desired friends who had reached adulthood, but she only ever forms close friendships with those in her physical age group. She never complains about the maturity of her teenage friends, nor does she seem to long for adult contact.
    • This is very plausible. She has an extra 17 years of memories, but mental maturity is based on more than just the amount of time a person has experienced. It's also based on biology. Her brain chemistry is still that of a child before the timeskip and a teenager after it. The human brain usually doesn't reach full biological maturity until around 25 years.
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    • Related: that time she meet Prince Alan reminded herself she was an adult( or close enough) and not an 8-year-old so she couldn't get mad at him because he's a child and she's really an adult, and then immediately gets mad at him. Really sells the idea that she was less a 17 year old in an 8 year old body and more an 8 year old with the memories of a 17 year old.
Katarina's journal will be discovered and read
  • Since she recorded everything in there, that makes it a Chekhov's Gun just waiting for one of Catarina's love interests to get their hands on it.
  • Even if it doesn't happen, the journal being discovered is Fanfic Fuel.

Katarina gets her destruction flag eventually
  • Since she is in the villain role, she has to either face death (already confronted) or exile.
  • If she does get exile, then she is able to set up a farm somewhere safe away from her troubles... but all her love interests follow her there anyway, willing to live as farmers alongside her.

Katarina's other friends are in the game with her too.
  • Sophia can't be the only one, right?
    • From what we are shown, Acchan was her only friend though.

We are seeing a secret DLC route of the game.
  • In-Universe, Catarina ended up being so much of a Ensemble Dark Horse Draco in Leather Pants the developers eventually decided to create a new route where you can redeem her, either by playing as her or romancing her with Maria

Maria's father is the demon king.
  • Catarina is, after all, an Isekai protagonist, so there has to be one kicking around somewhere she has to defeat.

Keith is Catarina's paternal half-brother.
  • Bluntly, why else would a Duke adopt some random kid?
    • It's pretty clearly stated that his parents were a distant relative and a prostitute (or mistress if you watch the anime) He was adopted because they needed a new heir after Catarina becoming engaged to someone of a higher station rendered her ineligible for the position and his powerful magic (plus the fact that his biological family wanted nothing to do with him) would make him ideal for the role.
    • If he were Catarina's paternal half-brother, that would never fly with the Duke's wife, Miri. The reason why she was cold to Keith in the original timeline was because she assumed that Keith was his son and it damaged their marriage. Catarina had to prove that he wasn't in order to save her parents' relationship.
      • We're even shown/told that Katarina's mom was about to storm out of the Claes manor thinking Keith was a secret love child (with Katarina in tow) before the misunderstanding was cleared up.
    • Remember this is written by Japanese, and We All Live in America sets in. In Japan, adopting for the sole purpose of heirs is such a standard practice that the Imperial Household Law specifically bans it within the imperial family.

Keith is also a half-fiend.
  • Maria is his maternal cross-cousin.

Catarina gets killed by one her harem.
  • Having never seen or forgotten the Mother's Basement PS As, her bumbling turns one or more of them into a Yandere and they kill her in a murder-suicide to "be together for ever" or in a jealous rage.

Keith and Maria are half-siblings.
  • The incubus-succubus that spawned them is perfectly able to switch sex at will.

There will be a Video Game adaption of My Next Life as a Villianess
  • Set after the anime, it will continue the story of Katarina and her lovestruck harem and will have multiple endings where players can choose to have Katarina fall in love with one of her love interests like Katarina hooking up with her adoptive brother Keith or marrying Maria. It will also include threesome endings like Alan marrying both Katarina and Mary in a three way marriage or Katarina hooking up with both Geordo and Alan. Or even better, a Marry Them All ending where Katarina marries all of her female harem or all of her harem! Plus there might be extra love interests for Katarina to hook up with like Sirius, her maid Anne and Sienna Nelson from the Verge of Destruction manga. And as an extra bonus, you can also play the actual Fortune Lover game with a special route for Yuri fans where Maria can hook up with the others girls in the game including Villianess Katarina herself!

    • Sorta Confirmed: a Demo of Fortune Lover was included in volume 1 of the Blu Ray release.

In the Fortune Lover Route Caterina was being manipulated by Rafael Walt
  • Just like those girls in the Anime adaptation.

Maria's father didn't leave because he suspected infidelity when she showed light magic.
  • He didn't leave because of her magic, he left because of her *light* magic, since he is a dark mage.

Maria's father is the main antagonist of Fortune Lover 2:the Actionized Sequel
  • Since in some routes for Fortune Lover Catarina is just a minor side character, and the other potential main antagonist is neutralized by Maria's charms in his route.
    • This follows on from her father leaving because he is a Dark mage.
Catarina will get the Marry Them All ending
  • This ending is first hinted at when Catarina reveals that a reverse-harem ending does exist in Fortune Lover where Maria ends up with all 4 of her capture targets. If Maria can end up with all of her possible love interests, it makes sense that Catarina could do the same, especially since their suitors are the mostly made up of the same people. Plus all of Catarina's possible suitors do love each other to varying degrees, mostly in the platonic sense. The Ascart siblings in particular plan to "share" Catarina should either one of them win her over. Mother's Basement gives a compelling argument of why this ending could work.

Catarina will be exiled as part of a major story arc

  • In a future story arc, Catarina will be framed for a crime and then punished, or tricked into believing that she committed a crime resulting in a self-imposed exile. Catarina would spend the arc using the skills she developed to survive, while her harem spends a good chunk of the arc clearing her name and/or tracking her down. Funny enough, when they do find Catarina, some of them would actually try to live with her in exile. The arc would ultimately be resolves once Catarina's name is cleared or the same advent that allowed Catarina to return in Fortune Lover 2 occurs.

Verge of Destruction is the New Game+ of Otome Game no Hametsu Flag

  • Some games have an option of playing through the game again after beating it, but with a harder difficulty and changes to the gameplay. After the Catarina of the original world dies (somehow), the Monkey Girl is dumped into the Verge of Destruction world as New Game+ with her previous Catarina life's memories erased. In a sense, the original was Easy Mode while Verge of Destruction is Hard Mode.

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