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Celestia is actually a Broken Bird, who's waiting for someone to work up the courage, and finally put her out of her misery.

This is based mostly on a through away line in RD Presents: Spidares, when "encouraging" Twilight to continue her work, she briefly asks this line: "Maybe dear old Celestia growing feeble in her old age. Or maybe Celestia already snapped years ago, and maybe someone should overthrow her, before her madness swallows up all of Equestia."


This was most likely just a throwaway line, but it really does put a new perspective on her: She had to run a country for centuries, if not millenniums and has seen who knows what and had to go through who knows how much, stress, while also likely having to make a lot of tough decisions, she has to live with for ETERNITY. Plus, in the short Budget Impasse, she and Luna seem very civil with each other, until Luna rebels against her for something completely petty. Imagine having to vanish your own sister, over a completely petty argument for a thousand years. Maybe her acts of cruelty, are just a means provocation, in hopes that her ponies will one day rebel put her out of her misery, once in for all.

She may even be training Twilight to learn how and giving her plenty of motive to do so.

Thrackerzod vs Discord will be a thing.

Because honestly, you can't expect our resident Eldritch Abomination not to have a vested interest in keeping the playing field clear of any interference. Plus, what's the opposite of a possessed pony? A pony and an eldritch horror as separate units. I imagine Taz would be quite miffed about illusions of normalcy being shattered.

  • Sadly, this is likely jossed, if Discord is really dead, like Greg claims.

The show will reveal how the characters became who they are and how they became so different from their cannon counterparts

The series has already hinted that the reason Twilight turned out the way she did, was a combination of Celestia's cruelty and the Crapsack World they live, and she may have been more like her cannon self, before Celestia took her. Maybe, we will get on arc, that will give us an in depth look at how the MAS!Mane Six, became the incompatible Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits they are today.


Pinkie is Celestia's biological daughter

That is why she is the psychotic, Manipulative Bastard, we all all know and love, and why Celestia seems to ignore her crimes, despite Pinkie making it clear that she out to get her. Because they live in a racist society, Celestia could not allow the public to know that she had mothered an Earth Pony child and sent her to live with some rock farmers, that were loyal to her regime. This is also why Pinkie resents her so much. This is also why she is an Element of Harmony, Celestia was hoping it would lead to her daughter mellowing out.

Stories to be parodied in future Rainbow Dash Presents episode

Fluttershy will eventually snap from all her abuse
And Twilight and all the others will learn, not to treat her as they do.

The whole series was just the delusions of Pinkie Pie, while she was fighting her "Pinkemina" persona in a mental institution
Her personality in in the MAS was because "Pinkemina" was winning for most of the series and the versions of her friends and the rest of Equestria's inhabitants we see in the show are hollow shells of the real ponies as seen through "Pinkemina's" warped view of the world and the few fleeting moments of genuine compassion they show for each other represent the few moments Pinkie manages to take control back. The end of the series was Pinkie Pie finally managing to defeat the Pinkemina persona for good and putting the warped version of Equestria she had created to rest.

Had the series continued, Hastur would have taken Discord's place as Fluttershy's companion.

Twilight is destined to become just like Celestia.

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