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Tear Jerker / My Little Pony: The Mentally Advanced Series

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  • In the Dragonshy episode, Twilight telling a story of her time while under Celestia's "care", which becomes increasingly sadder, until she completely breaks down and asks if any one had any whisky.. or paint thinner.
    Twilight(while having an emotional break down): Then she tore out all Mrs. Buzzie's stuffing and stuffed her with sliced bread! And said, "I guess you owe me." Then told me to right a three hundred page paper on what that meant and I DIDN'T KNOW!!!
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  • In the Parasprite episode, we get a glimpse into Twilight's past, showing she was... a happy and innocent looking filly who liked studying, much like her cannon self. Until Celestia shows up. Cut to an image of Twilight crying over destroyed toy, Mrs. Buzzy, as Celestia scolds her.
  • Fluttershy was constantly ridiculed as filly by both other children and '''her own parents'''.
    Fluttershy (to Rainbow): I remember your dad only yelled at the TV and your parents didn't fight a lot. That's why I liked to spend a lot of time with you.
  • She is not only still is ridiculed and ignored by everyone, but she is so emotionally scared at this point, she can not even tell the few times when ponies are nice to her.
  • Twilight's past is brought up again in Rainbow Dash Presents: The Haunting, where the monster takes the guise of her childhood toy Mrs. Buzzy and shows her a hallucination, where she can live her greatest desire...., getting to be a child and play with toys again.
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  • In Rainbow Dash gets a lot of these in Let's Ramble Over Fallout: New Vegas, where she is scarred by the Crapsack World the game takes place in, the Fridge Logic that often pops up and makes her question whether The Mojave's people are Too Dumb to Live, constant torment from raiders and mutated creatures, and especially getting Rex, Veronica, Lilly killed. Especially Lilly, who had been pulling her weight for most of the series at that point and sent her into a massive Heroic BSoD, while Veronica and Rex's death, lead to her taking a level in cynicalism and becoming, increasingly more willing to use violence and thievery.

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