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Nightmare Fuel / My Little Pony: The Mentally Advanced Series

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  • Celestia's appearance in episode 8. With ominous music playing in the background, her deep, threatening voice, and Twilight literally screaming in terror in her head while smiling, it's hard not to fear her.
    • Twilight's moment before that, isn't exactly pretty itself. See the Tear Jerker page.
    • The Mentally Advanced version of Celestia is much, much scarier than her canon counterpart. She's a godly dictatorial ruler who never suffers even the slightest insubordination, ruling over Equestria with an iron hoof while rarely showing any concern for the ponies beneath her.
  • Rainbow Dash Presents: The Haunting Nightmare is this in general. Despite remaining a parody, it is based on a horror fanfiction and introduces the first Knight of Cerebus for the series. Such moments include:
    • Twilight's incredibly ominous Nightmare Sequence.
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    • "Mrs. Buzzy" taking the guise of one of Twilight's old childhood toys, to put her into a Lotus-Eater Machine and brainwash her into helping torment the others.
    • The characters wondering around the haunted area.
    • Applejack and Rarity being chased in the dark by Smarty Pants during his Villain Song.
      • If the fact that the two were genuinely scared for their lives wasn't enough, the scene also shows Rarity tripping Applejack to distract the monster and save her own sorry hide, only showing regret that her plan didn't work. Rarity has always been a Jerkass who hated Applejack, but now we know that she would actually get someone killed just to save herself.
  • Yellow Star slowly Brain Washing Twilight into obsessing over her book and coercing her into doing... something...
    • The only reason her plan failed was because Twilight accidentally set fire to the barn they were in. Whatever it was she was trying to do, Yellow Star came really close to doing it. It's telling that Celestia herself came to see what happened.
  • Rainbow Dash often finds herself in this during her Let's Ramble Over Fallout New Vegas videos. Noteworthy examples are:
    • She accidentally gets Veronica and Rex killed, after stumbling into a field full of Cazador's. This leaves her running around all alone, in a place full of one of the Mojave Wasteland's worst predators in dark night, like a confused child.
    • Later, after having a particularly bad day in the waste, she is lamenting about how bad this day has been, only to make the unfortunate mistake of going into a certain bunker, where she is immediately gassed and wakes up in the hellish landscape that is The Sierra Madre. Horrified, she wonders if she had died and gone to Hell, when an imposing holographic figure appears and informs her that she is in a place pumped full of a poisonous cloud that is slowly killing her and he has placed an explosive collar on her that he will use to kill her if she does not serve his Evil Plan. Things only get worse over the next few episodes.

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