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Recap / My Little Pony: The Mentally Advanced Series

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     Episodes 1 to 23 
S1 E1: After being given tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala, Twilight needs to find someone to be her date. Unfortunately for her, she has several friends to help.

S1 E2: Complications arise when Applejack promises to drink an entire field worth of apple liquor.

S1 E3

S1 E4

S1 E5

S1 E6

S1 E7

S1 E8

S1 E9

S1 E10

S1 E11

S1 E12

S1 E13

S1 E14

S1 E15

S1 E16

S1 E17

S1 E18

S1 E19

S1 E20

S1 E21

S1 E22

S1 E23

     Episodes - 1 to - 23 
''S-1 E-1

S-1 E-2

S-1 E-3

S-1 E-4

S-1 E-5

S-1 E-6

S-1 E-7

S-1 E-8

S-1 E-9

S-1 E-10

S-1 E-11

S-1 E-12

S-1 E-13

S-1 E-14

S-1 E-15

S-1 E-16

S-1 E-17

S-1 E-18

S-1 E-19

S-1 E-20

S-2 E-1

S-2 E-2

S-2 E-3

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