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Diclonii have antisocial and murderous tendencies because Lucy is batshit insane.
  • Hypothesis time! Diclonii have some telepathic abilities and Lucy is a confirmed queen and all other diclonii in the series descend from her and her alone. Maybe as a queen she unknowingly and subconsciously sends mental commands to the her subordinetes? Maybe she is essentialy a telepatic beacon, constantly broadcasting a simple signal: KILL! KILL! KILL! - until it gets deeply ingrained into the receiver subconscious. So in short: she is an insane, murderous racist whose murderous insanity "spills over" unto her brood due to her species innate telepathic abilities.
    • This makes perfect sense if we factor Lucy's self proclaimed DNA Voice Split Personality, which at least Nana and Barbara (Mariko's clone) had seems to hear it. The DNA Voice could very well be using Lucy and the Silpelits' misery to strenghen its hold on them, making them do her bidding.
    • I think the above is canon or at least heavily implied.
    • I wouldn't put it this way, Lucy is a victim in the first place. Before she developed her vectors, she was severely abused by literally everyone exactly for the same 'racist' (speciecist?) reasons - because she had horns on her head and wasn't human. Her puppy was brutally murdered in front of her just to make her cry! Of course she had been driven to this level of hatred and insanity she started believing there wouldn't be a place for her in this world when a single human still existed. As for the DNA Voice, I believe it was herself, a piece of her splitting mind. Nana and Barbara heard it because they descended from Lucy and she unconciously programmed them to help her exterminating the humanity.

The Woman who took Wanta from Mayu was not his real owner.
  • She was a scam artist who preyed on the homeless, glomming onto whatever valuable or saleable items they might have. Notice how she waited until she and Mayu were alone on the beach, rather than the boardwalk, to confront her, and the fact that Wanta ditched her quickly, with her never seen again once Mayu had a home and protectors who would stop her from just grabbing the dog.

The marriage of Mayu's mother and stepfather dissolved after she left.
  • Targeting Mayu might have been the sole reason he married the mother in the first place. With her gone, the mother was justly left alone.

Chief Kakuzawa knew about Lucy before her capture.
  • The apparent age of Lucy's half-brother by way of Kakuzawa's rape of their mother does not seem to match up with a boy who could not, by way of series' events, be more than three or four.
    • Silpelits age faster than humans, so Lucy's half-brother is older than he looks.
      • Lucy's half-brother was not a Silpelit. He was primary like her, and could reproduce. Silpelits like Nana et al cannot. He should age normally.

Lucy and Sil both gain superhuman powers from a virus, are treated horribly by humanity and so want to Destroy All Humans!, and they are both feared for their ability to breed. Also for some reason a side-effect of the virus is Fanservice.

The Diclonius have a distant alien origin as does the Kakuzawas' lesser mutation
  • A British professor of note, Bernard Quatermass, once spoke of horned insectoid Martians who influenced Human evolution in the distant past. They were known for their telekinesis, self-destructive aggression, and the ability to sense who was and was not of their kind, even in Humans who felt their genetic presence. The brief and savage awakening of their influence in modern Humans caused the eventual birth of Lucy's mother, the true originator of the virus. Another crashed Martian probe like the one found in a proposed London underground station existed in an island off the coast of Kamakura and caused an otherwise wholly Human family to develop vestigial horns on their heads, mutations which only worsened when the persecuted people of the Horn Valley—or Kakuzawa—fled to this very site.

Lucy's half-brother would have joined her in revenge if she hadn't killed him.
Massive spoilers below
  • Think about it. The boy had a device on his forehead just like Barbara and the other Mariko clones that controlled his behavior. While he looked all nice and docile, if Lucy had removed the device, he would have lopped Kakuzawa's head off right then and there. And with Lucy being his only family left (family he is apparently fond of immediately given how he reacts to seeing her), he would have no other connections in the world and would have clung to her. Lucy may not have liked it (he was the product of her mother's rape after all, though that isn't the kid's fault), but family is family, right? Given her surprise to hear the woman was looking for her and how lonely Lucy's life has been, it isn't that strange to think she would welcome the company of a little brother. And after their escape from the facility...well, that's all I've got.
    • All I could say to that is, while a valid notion, to my mind the boy is still a Kakuzawa, likely exposed to their delusional eugenics and messianic theories, and prone to seek power, which he already has. Lucy, when she met her brother, was exhausted and just as tired of others using her kind as she was the hatred. Their line had to end.
      • He may be a Kakuzawa, but the megalomaniac tendencies of the boy's father and brother aren't genetic. He was also very, very young (he can barely even speak properly) and mostly likely wouldn't have understood anything his father told him besides "You are special to our race," "You're our future," etc. That's the point of the "what if," that if she hadn't been so tired of everything Kakuzawa and his ilk did to their kind, the boy would very likely have joined her.
      • Again, a fair point. One outcome is as likely as another. Perhaps the reborn Anna could have been a good influence on him.

The two girls that greet Kouta
at Lucy's Dog's grave......are Diclonii. Because it would fit with the metaphorical reincarnation of Lucy and Nyuu and they have hair ribbons in the right place. Not to mention one of them is even called Kaede, Lucy's birth name, by Kouta's daughter.

Aiko Takada actually didn't die.
For most of the manga, Lucy and the viewer are led to believe Aiko Takada died taking a bullet for her. However, during the last chapter of the manga, Wanta walks past a poster for an art exhibit, and the woman on the poster looks like an adult version of Aiko. What's more, the name "Takada Aiko" is written on the poster. This led me to believe two things:
  • Kurama lied to Lucy about Aiko's death in order to keep her from looking for her. It's a lot easier to keep a dangerous test subject contained if they have no reason to try to escape and reunite with someone.
    • Since Aiko's "Death" caused Lucy to swear Revenge by Proxy on Kurama, I guess that didn't really do much for him.
  • Since Aiko accidentally killed her father, Kakuzawa probably offered to cover that incident up as long as she stayed quiet and forgot all about what happened in the warehouse.

Kouta suffered a stroke when Lucy killed his family
It would be a logical result of such an extreme trauma, and would explain his diminished mental acumen (apparently he was very sharp as a child), his lack of motivation, and his seeming lack of focus. Granted, it wouldn't have been a massive one, and as his brain was still growing and he had therapy, he was able to overcome much of it, with the repressed memories explaining the rest of his apparent dithering and confusion.

Elfen Lied takes place in the same universe as Scanners
Back in the 1940's Dr. Paul Ruth created Ephemerol as a treatment for morning sickness, but it lead to children being born as Scanners instead. Fast-forward to the early '80's and Darryl Revok is doing all he can to make certain that more and more Scanners are born so he can make an army out of them. It is not impossible that he tinkered with Ruth's formula, just to see what would happen. He also may very well have used his position as the head of a pharmaceutical firm to ensure that Ephemerol saw world wide distribution. Perhaps the Ephemerol variant that saw distribution in East Asia was what lead to the Diclonius mutation. Or, in light of the mutations displayed by the Kakuzawas it caused a reversion mutation in those that were exposed to Ephemerol.

Lucy is Johan Liebert's Female counterpart
That would explain of becoming insane by a secret military experiment as a kid, living in an orphanage as a kid, manipulating people, being compared to The Antichrist, having ambitions to cause The End of the World as We Know It (in Lucy's case, she almost does), multiple personalities, traumatizing their lovers, having an obsessive and murderous love towards someone that cares for them, Biblical and German-related motifs, and trying to commit Suicide by Cop.

Kouta will Break Bad during the Diclonius War
With Kouta's life since his first encounter with Lucy being a huge Break the Cutie ordeal, how hard his life's gotten as a result, and him regaining his memories of the incident as well as his reaction to seeing Lucy's true self years later (including him not forgiving her for killing his father and sister in cold blood), it is any likely that he will snap and turn to a life of crime and vengeance against the Diclonii?

Lucy's mother's ability to produce Diclonius babies is the result of atavism.
Just what it says. Atavism is the real world genetic trait that can be passed on generations and generations later. Therefore, the reason Lucy's mother was able to give birth to two Diclonius children was the result of a dormant gene being activated in her for some unknown reason which allowed her to do that. But the truly scary part? There is no way to know just how many people in the world may still carry this recessive gene, even with the decrease in human numbers, depending on how many humans in the past mated with Diclonii, so their race could rise again someday, and for every Nana that can be born, there's also a Lucy lurking in the wings, and if mankind doesn't learn from their mistakes, the cycle will start all over again and this time, both sides may truly wipe each other out.

The Kakuzawas frustrated tourism in Kamakura
Kamakura has a huge tourism industry in the real world, but in Elfen Lied, many times the characters stand alone in places that should be bustling. The reason? The Kakuzawas wanted to limit the flow of outsiders they did not own, could control or could easily do away with. In actuality, they did nothing so obvious as to try and keep people out. They just made sure no outreach or advertising was done, keeping Kamakura a place not everyone knew of in that universe.