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In the TV Series, Jinnai is a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.
When he was young, everyone preferred his sister Nanami more than him. As a result, he tries to have power because it is the only way he found to be respected.

Fatora is actually TV Makoto and TV Rune's daughter.
That would explain why she looks like Makoto. At some point, TV Makoto and TV Rune got married and Rune was pregnant. After she gave birth, the castle is attacks by Jinnai and the Bugrom. TV Ifurita does somothing that creates a gap between the two El Hazard universe. Ifurita, Makoto, Rune and Fatora arrive in the other castle and they met OVA Rune. After some explanation, they discover that they are in an alternate universe. OVA Rune has 5 years old, her father is died a few months and her mother has just died by miscarriage. This is grave because only one princess cannot active the Eye God. Makoto has an idea: Fatora could be the second princess. After some test, it is revealed that Fatora can be activate the Eye God with Rune. So Ifurita, Makoto and Rune returns without Fatora and Rune is happy to have a sister.

Everyone is convinced that Fatora is really Rune's sister. As Fatora doesn't have parents and that Rune isn't authoritarian, she became a Jerkass Spoiled Brat. When OVA Makoto comes in El Hazard, Rune know who he is and acts. Finally, if Fatora listened Makato and didn't punish Ura, this is because she had the feeling that she must obey.


The OVA 2 and the Alternative World have been imagined by Makoto.
After the first OVA, Miz and Fujisawa decided to marry each other. All goes well until Jinnai attacks the castle with his new Demon God, Kalia. During the battle, Makoto managed to stop Kalia, but during the process his brain has been damaged and he was in a coma for several months. During these months, he imagined the adventures in his head. Every characters from the sequels were just people present in the marriage. The only exception are Ifurita 2 and Qawoor. Makoto absolutely wants to Ifurita back and he is afraid of never seeing her again. So he imagined another Ifurita and a girl who could be related with the Demon God.

It took Makoto just below two and 3/4th years to find his way back to Ifurita.
1001 Nights, to be precise.

Jinnai's power is an incredible facility for strategy and tactics.
We haven't seen Jinnai use any superpowers, but we know he ought to have something because he crossed dimensions. And despite apparently being a normal guy, he nonetheless leads the Bugrom armies to victory after victory and damn near conquers El-Hazard, despite coming across as a complete moron. So, this is his power!
  • Actually, his power was stated to be the ability to communicate with the Bugrom. And Jinnai was already more of a genius back on Earth than most people give him credit for. Keep in mind that he had the second highest test scores behind Makoto.
    • To add to that, even on Earth, Jinnai obviously had a knack for rules lawyering and finding the most simple and effective ways to solve his problems. Luring Makoto somewhere using one of Nanami's love letters and then going after him to tie him up and secure his position on Student Council may seem like something that just about anyone could come up with, but that's the beauty of it. A plan doesn't have to be complex; it just has to work, and he's always been smart enough to know that. He'd have even succeeded, had there not been supernatural intervention at the last second. The guy is a Bunny-Ears Lawyer, not a moron. The only reason he never took over Earth was probably lack of an army. Once he got the Bugrom, he was golden.

Makoto becomes a Time Lord, and the Power Key Staff is his Tardis.
Using the ancient technology of El Hazard that he is capable of activating freely, Makoto spends many years researching the concepts of space and time so that he can be reunited with Ifurita on Earth. As he suddenly appears to Ifurita in the finale of OVA one, clutching her power key staff, it can be assumed that he mastered time itself, and rebuilt Ifurita's power key staff to transcend time.

When looking at Makoto, Fujisawa-sensei, Jinnai, and Nanami, they at first speak about going home to Earth but then quickly give up on the idea. It's because they understand that they can't go home, at least not at their present time. By Makoto becoming a Time Lord and wielding the power key staff as his Tardis, he not only is able to reunite with his true love, but his friends—should they choose to—can finally return home as they like. It would also give the ability of the people of El Hazard to travel to Earth as well, as the still images of the credits of the first OVA should give us.

So in this sense, as a Time Lord Makoto has become a human Eye of God, but he can control it more freely via the power key staff.

Makoto, Nanami, and Jinnai are orphans who lived at Shininome High School.
A lot of attention is given by the El Hazard fanbase to the fact that the four Earthlings not only do no miss Earth, but they have no desire to go home. They don't even talk about the families they leave behind. This might be because of the fact that Makoto, Nanami, Jinnai are really orphans and they have no families.

It would explain a lot of their motivations. Makoto is The Ace at his school and is good at most everything he does. Jinnai tries to be as good, but fails miserably. And Nanami gives everything she has as a reporter for the school newspaper. Being an overachiever is common amongst Japanese students, but in the case of the trio they may be overachievers to prove themselves to everybody around them. They don't want people looking down on them for not having families, and so they try their best to stand out and make impressions on people that will allow them to think of them as anything else but poor orphans.

This is why Jinnai has such an inferiority complex and why he strives to defeat Makoto. He doesn't like the reminders that he is nothing and so he tries to be better than he is. When he can't do so because Makoto is better than him, he resorts to cutthroat tactics to be the best. He sees a kindred spirit in Makoto in that Makoto has no family, but it repulses Jinnai to see someone with less than himself (as Jinnai at least has his sister Nanami) do much better than him. When he goes to El Hazard and assumes control over the Bugrum, Jinnai is finally allowed to shine and he's surrounded by people (er, bugs) who don't know he's an orphan and don't know he has nothing. He can finally be more than what he is.

More poignantly is the fateful night Makoto first meets Ifurita. Fujisawa-sensei also appears to be living at the school and Nanami brings him refreshments. What is a teenage girl like her doing out in the middle of the night like that? It could mean that she doesn't live far away and is making a quick visit before bed. Then there's Makoto and Jinnai, and Jinnai's hilarious attempted murder of Makoto. It doesn't even look like they left the school. And why would Jinnai lure Makoto to the school in the first place? Wouldn't killing him in a secluded park be easier? Or maybe it's because they're closeby to their living quarters and so it's more convenient for them?

It's also important to note the memories that Makoto gives to Ifurita so she won't be lonely. It's basically his own memories but altered so that she's integral in his life as well. All of these memories involve his life at school. Not one of these memories shows Makoto's parents, or his house. Since Ifurita means so much to him, wouldn't it make sense to give her some memories of his parents? Unless his parents truly are dead, and Makoto doesn't show them to her because of his own painful memories of them? So he shows her his school life because that is his present—his family essentially—and that is what makes him happy.

It would make sense as to why these three teenagers don't even think about their parents, or possible other siblings, while in El Hazard. If they really are orphans, then for them there's no point in returning home because all that remains on Earth are the reminders of what they've lost. Of course, this leaves the adult Fujisawa-sensei, and whether or not he has family. But for the fact that he lives at the school—possibly as the caretaker for the students living there—it's safe to say that he might have no other family either. Which is why taking care of his students means so much to him.

Makoto and Rune Venus will have children in the OAV continuity
But it won't be acknoledged, at least publically. The ability to control the Eye of God is linked to the Roshtarian royal family which means that it ending would cause major political destabalisation above and beyond a normal succession crisis and Fatora obviously isn't going to be any help on that front. If Rune doesn't want to make a political marriage but needs to carry on the family lineage Makoto is some ways the perfect candidate. He and Ifurita can't have children themselves but it would give Ifurita a reason to side with the royal family. And any resemblance to Makoto can be passed off as a resemblance to their Aunt Fatora.

The Bugrom, like the Eye of God and the Demon Gods, are weapons that were created during the Holy Wars in El-Hazard's ancient past
Though in this case, self replicating bio-weapons. It also explains why Diva looks so human. She was designed not only to rule over and command the Bugrom but to serve as an interface with their human masters. In the aftermath of the Holy Wars they either escaped or were otherwise forced to fend for themselves which is how they became independent.

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