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  • The fishing boat mentioned by the voice that gets "taken care of" to avoid witnesses was the survivors from Left 4 Dead. They didn't know the zombies had reached the island either. Considering their luck, it wouldn't be unlikely.

the zombie virus is natural, not man made.
As opposed to the cliche "evil scientists creates zombies" idea, the virus in Dead Island is simply a natural mutation of the (real life) virus Kuru, which was caused by cannibalism practiced by the local tribes
  • Partially confirmed, partially jossed; Dead Island: Riptide confirms that the zombie virus is a strain of Kuru (which is endemic to the Fore people, whom Yerema's tribe are clearly supposed to be, of Papua New Guinea in real life) that has mutated due to a combination of exposure to toxic chemicals brought to the island when the Japanese briefly conquered it in World War 2 and being "in-bred" in Yerema's tribe.

The zombies in the game are not actually "undead."
This explains why they take damage from being underwater, and why higher-level zombies (who would naturally be exerting themselves more) take drowning damage faster. People don't actually die and then reanimate, they just go into a temporary coma while the disease takes effect.
  • This is the exact case for the Suiciders, they are technically still alive, but the virus accelerated their decomposition, bloating them into Action Bomb, and they will plea for help and inadvertently explode should you approach them. However, it is uncertain for the other zombies.
  • The Infected might potentially be this case, their behaviour is humanlike, presumably at the first stage of zombification.

In Dead World, Dead Island 2, or whatever they call the proper sequel, instead of playing as 4 new protagonists, we'll play as mutant versions of the original 4 protagonists
.With its heavy Borderlands gameplay inspiration the series is already pretty silly and outrageous. Instead of doing yet another zombie survivor FPS game in a market that's already saturated with them to the point of parody, Techland could be original, take the franchise in an unexpected direction, and have us play as superpowered zombies. Alternatively, the protagonists could at least be given a Superpowered Evil Side (like in The Suffering) to replace the Fury mode.
  • In support of this, Dead Island: Epidemic has mutated versions of the player characters, who are sane as their uninfected counterparts.

The next game, Dead World or whatever they call it, will take place actually on Australia.
  • The ending for Riptde suggests the infection spreading, right? The proposed Dead World suggests an expansion from the two islands, right? And there was a large Australian portrayal in the first two games. Imagine if instead of some holiday resort there's a Zombie Apocalypse in Sydney or Brisbane or Perth or a fictional Melbourne and just how much they can ratchet up the emotion and the drama Deep Silver love to do in their trailers. Imagine if instead of Steve Blum using an Aussie accent there was a recruiting drive for a who's who of real Australians to be in the game...Hugh Jackman, Karen Dyer (Sheva in Resident Evil 5,) or who would fit the role from Blue Heelers and ''Underbelly. And you know how tough Aussies are. You know how heavily armed Aussies are...who needs melee combat when you have a crate of gelignite and a .22 magnum?

Escape Dead Island will end badly.
  • Why is this possible? Because of the reveal that the protagonist will be working with Xian Mei. She very much came across as The Hero in the first two games. Ending up on yet another island in another game comes across as suspicious. Either she turns out to be The Mole, succumbs to the infection, or the scientific research into the kuru mutation extends to being able to clone her. It would also play on the Bittersweet Ending that the series has yet to let go of.

Following on that, the ending of Riptide does lead into the second game proper.
  • If you don't know after escaping Palanai the boat ends up at some dock as No Room In Hell plays and just as there is a growl in the music someone or something opens up the cabin hatch and the game ends. Who is to say that after six days that is not somewhere in California? Or one way or another the infection had been spread?

The Virus isn't kuru, it induces it.
  • Similar to how some viruses cause cancer by disrupting cell proliferation, this one causes proteins to misfold.

Rams aren't Prisoners
  • They are test subjects, their clothing looks a little too specialised for plain old bag n' gags they use on prisoners, seeing as Serpo and Charons lot were already working on the virus, they probably were restraining their subjects this way but never accounted for the mass increase some subjects would get, hence why the back is torn open.

Thugs are caused by steroid abuse
  • As the title said, being a Glitzy Resort, more than a few guys wanted to look their best for all the bikini clad women, so they took steroids, the disease interacted with the steroids and ended up mutating them.

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