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  • In Chapter 7, there's a quest that involves restoring one of your hideouts' access to running water. To do that, you need to go through one of the most overrun, dangerous parts of the slums of Moresby and shut off five fire hydrants. It sounds difficult... until you're invited to use the pickup truck parked outside, at which point the mission turns into Carmageddon. If there's anything in this game that feels better than slamming into a charging Ram at sixty miles an hour, I'm not sure what it is.
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  • Finishing the game solely on single player. Several sections of the game are clearly designed to be dealt with by multiple people and managing to face them down all on your own is a rewarding feeling.
  • This example of air juggling.
  • Going into rage mode as Sam B. Unlike his friends who use weapons Sam B uses his own two fists. Those DemonicSpiders blocking your path? BEAT THEM TO DEATH WITH YOUR BARE HANDS!!! Even better is when you fully upgrade Sam's rage skill tree... which allows you to send enemies FLYING!
    • Hell, even without fully upgrading him he can sometimes send an enemy flying. And they become porcelain upon hitting the ground, or in this troper's case, a railing, neatly bisecting a thug of all things.
    • While we're talking about Sam B, he has this skill that lets you knock enemies out of your way when you sprint into them and boy, is it awesome.
  • Here's one. First step: get more zombies than were crowding around the boat in the Riptide trailer after you. Step two: run up onto a car or a bin where they can't get you. Step three: pull out a weapon that will hit them and take out the thirty to one odds at your leisure. That's what you do when all hope is lost, you kick ass.
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  • "Stay together, I'll kill you faster." Xian says this when finding a group of criminals during the Lady in Trouble mission. The one where Jin is kidnapped and there is no doubt whatsoever what the criminals do to her. Now you're talking.
  • Why is there no mention of the fact that you can kill Jason Voorhees? A famous horror movie figure that has never been completely killed since the 80's continuing to TODAY? Nothing feels more satisfying than killing him, and realizing that hundreds of towns, cities, and innocent civilians can rest easy knowing that you just severed his head off of his body, something not even Freddy could do just makes you feel like a complete BADASS.

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