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  • The team up fights. Team up with your favorite heroes/villains to face the opposite side. And it is GLORIOUS.
  • Kicking Powergirl's butt in the first episode of the Legacy of Krypton arc.
  • In the first Batman mission against Scarecrow, the boss fight against him consists of fighting many fear based hallucinations. Suddenly, when he prepares to unleash his next swarm... he discovers he's ran out of fear gas. Indeed, you have just proven you don't fear ANYTHING.
    • If that isn't proof enough for you, wait until later in the game when you go up against the Sinestro Corps. Yellow Lanterns draw their power from Parallax, the DC Universe's physical embodiment of fear. By the time you get to Sinestro himself, you've beaten down dozens of them (and a reprogrammed Manhunter!), and shrugged off enough fear-inducing yellow energy to make Scarecrow's fear-gas attack in Gotham City seem like a fart in an open field in comparison.
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  • Mentor missions are always great, but the final Mentor Mission for Meta players is GLORIOUS. Depending on your side, Superman and Lex Luthor's fight ends up with them being teleported to the opposing team's HQ. You have to fight your way through several heroes or villains to get to your captive mentor, and from the damage trail, they didn't go down without a fight.
  • The ending movie for the Bludhaven alert. Nightwing is crushed over the fate of his city... but as he says, he's stronger now that he's learned to get back up and continue fighting.
  • Doubling as a Heartwarming Moment, Future!Batman rescuing the Wayne family by Megaton Punching Joe Chill out of Crime Alley. Paradox be damned, indeed.
  • The seventh anniversary event has you fighting against the Anti-Monitor. And you can beat him back. With the aid of the Flash and Reverse Flash, but still...!
  • Calculator, tired of the Villain Decay the Society has gone through, decides to take matters into his own hands in the "Death of Superman" story line. Turns out that he has Lexcorp employees working for him. And for all we know, Lex doesn't know anything about this. In general, Calculator has been one walking (Technically, talking) moment of awesome:
    • Part 1: He has the aforementioned Lexcorp employees gain samples of the Doomsday Spores for use of both creating a vaccine against the spores and for use to creating potential bio weapons.
    • Part 2: While having the villains play along and aid Superman with fighting Doomsday. Calculator sends in Kryptonite Turrets to use to aid them. Managing to defeat Doomsday and kill Superman at the same time.
    • Part 3: Having the villains continue the facade, Calculator manages to disable Oracle's systems while they assist Supergirl in retrieving Superman's body. As soon as she goes to free Superman, the trap the villains and Calculator laid has been sprung, paralyzing Supergirl with the red sun energy and leaving both of them trapped in the Phantom Zone while obtaining a DNA sample.
    • Calculator's streak continues in The Judas Contract. With the villains under his command, he has them aid the Fearsome Five by serving as new recruits for the Titans up to defeating H.I.V.E. master to rescue the captured Titans. Only for them to turn on Nightwing and Red Robin, capturing them, and leaving them to their Doom as H.I.V.E's mountain base collapses on to them. In the end, he manages to obtain data on Titans Tower uploaded to him from the villains and H.I.V.E under his control. Two for two.

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