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Nightmare Fuel / Dead Island

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Dead Island

  • Some of the zombies are rather disturbing. Specifically the Butcher, who has gnawed all the flesh from his arms and scraped the bones into crude blades with his teeth. Nice
  • What's possibly even scarier then any zombie is the people caught in-between. There's murders, sociopaths, and depraved people in general all over the island.
    • An early game example of this is the named zombie Nenja Samejon. Bungalow 4 in the Hotel Bungalows area has a zombie woman handcuffed to a bed with pink mood lighting and multiple cameras aimed at her. Also in the building are two zombies who seem to have been a film crew of sorts. Neither implication is a pleasant one.
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  • The sewers. Tight hallways and murky water lurking with zombies just waiting to pounce on you. There are also zombies there that just happen to shoot acid at you.
  • Unlike the Infected then, who are faster than you and will chase you like Determinator personified, as if their life depends on your death.
  • Besides the trailer (which is both this and Tearjerker), the Infected Zombies are made of this trope. Those horrible screams when they charge you, the fact that they usually come in packs, and the fact that they can take away half of your health before you can even see them.
    • Some of the zombie's cries and roars are actually quite unnerving, particularly the Infected and Thugs. Here, enjoy.
  • Suicider zombies are basically more ghoulish versions of Boomers. Instead of spreading bile on you, they explode on you, and while the Boomer only leaves behind its lower torso and legs upon death, this thing leaves behind its legs, lower torso... and its bloodly mangled upper skeleton.
    "Help me..." *BOOM!*
    • Wanna know whats worse than that, Word of God is suiciders are still fully conscious and aware of what they're doing, those tumours are actually parasites forcing them to seek out the living.
  • Outrunning most of the zombie types are fairly easy. Outrunning infected can be nerve-wrecking. Unlike the others, they don't stop coming after you until you reach a safe house or area. And how fast and how long you can run from the infected depend on your stamina. And you have low stamina.
    • During the City map, there are times when you find yourself climbing for safety. You think it's all over, but sometimes, and it does happen, the infected climb up to kill you.
    • The sewers can become fairly unpleasant. Trapped in tight spaces with walkers is one thing. Trapped in tight spaces with infected on your heels while you're trying to reach safety is a whole other matter.
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  • Early on you come across a man slumped in a literal pool of blood with floating, mangled corpses all around him. Talking to him reveals he had to kill his wife, father, and brother in self-defense after they turned.
  • Hasn't anyone posted the game menu soundtrack? Just listen to this, and don't feel creeped out! Just imagine walking around in the destroyed and ravished cities Zombie Apocalypses bring!
  • Returning from the Super Market to the Town Hall. When you enter, you find barricades that have obviously failed, fire, and blood, guts, and dead bodies everywhere. Completely overrun by zombies. Absolutely no one is alive anymore. Every inhabitant in the Town Hall is now either a corpse or a zombie. Every police officer. Every civilian. Even the Mayor. And it's implied it's all your fault. Sweet dreams.
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  • Installing on the PC sets the tone nicely with a blood chilling scream when you click setup.
  • Guess what? The virus is hinted at being caused by kuru, right? That's not the Nightmare Fuel part. Kuru is a real disease, that's not it either. Kuru stems from cannibalism, even that's not the reason this counts. The real reason is because kuru really can turn people into zombies, the game only exaggerates it through the disease mutating. We could well be just one adaptation of the virus away from the events of the game. You're welcome. Thankfully as of 2009 the disease has all but dropped off the face of the earth thanks to the Fore people of Papua New Guinea wising up and dropping the cannibalistic rituals that helped the disease to spread.
    • Kuru does not turn people into zombies. Once symptoms appear (which can take anywhere from 5 to 50 years from initial exposure), the victim usually dies within three months to two years, often because of pneumonia or an infected ulcerated wound. There are three stages:
      • 1. The infected individual may exhibit unsteady stance and gait, decreased muscle control, tremors, difficulty pronouncing words (dysarthria), and titubation. This stage is named the ambulant because the individual is still able to walk around despite symptoms.
      • 2. The infected individual is incapable of walking without support and suffers ataxia and severe tremors. Furthermore, the individual shows signs of emotional instability and depression, yet exhibits uncontrolled and sporadic laughter. Despite the other neurological symptoms, tendon reflexes are still intact at this stage of the disease.
      • 3. The infected individual's existing symptoms, like ataxia, progress to the point where they are no longer capable of sitting without support. New symptoms also emerge: the individual develops dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, which can lead to severe malnutrition. They may also become incontinent, lose the ability or will to speak and become unresponsive to their surroundings, despite maintaining consciousness.
    • In addition, the 'virus' has no DNA, and therefore can not mutate, because Kuru is NOT a virus. It is a prion disease, meaning it is caused by a misfolded protein. Mere contact with a prion can cause other proteins to become misfolded. And as stated, it takes 5 to 50 years for the initial symptoms to appear.
  • Koritoia Ope, really, once you find the grisly details out. He worships the infected, regarding them as holy individuals who walk between the real world and the Dreamtime, and is then shown attempting to beat a girl to death because she's an "evil spirit". After he gets shot, he's made out to be even worse: the girl in question? His own daughter. Who also comments that she ran away from the tribe originally because he sold her to another man as a slave to pay off his gambling debts. Plus, he's responsible for the initial outbreak of infected in the first place, by using his position as medicine man to make his people eat the brains of zombies, causing them to all be infected.
    • The novelization makes him even worse by filling in the blanks the game left: the first zombies? They were men he had beat and rape his daughter when she came back to the tribe to try and make peace with him. They caught the disease from her, then he had her sealed up in the tombs to starve to death because he blamed the "immortals'" comparative mindlessness on her "being an evil spirit".
  • Quarantine. Dear God Quarantine. It's a sealed off part of Moresby, designed to keep the sick away from the healthy. Unfortunately, it's also a place where Infected spawn every fifteen seconds, essentially making it the deadliest place on the island. You only have to go there during The Third Head Of Cerberus quest, but it's terrifying. You get ambushed by horde after horde of infected, and any solo player will most likely die within thirty seconds of entering the zone.


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