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Amanda Greystone is recieving visions from "God"
Amanada has a nightmare involving her and Zoe that ends with Zoe's red eyes and a brief sound of the Centurion's eye moving. The lighting in this shot has very bright contrast and not much colour besides a bluish tint and lighting. The background of this shot has 5 viable curtains. It bears a striking resemblance to D'anna/Number 3's vision of the opera house. Furthermore it is even more similar to the 'Ship of Lights' from the original series. It's very possible that RDM's version of the Ship of Lights is what turned out to be the re imagined idea of 'God.' Although it's up for interpretation. It's hard to discount the symbolism in this scene though.

'The One God' is Count Iblis from the original series 'War of the Gods' arc.
Apparently Zoe had little in the way of computer programing abilities before joining 'The Soldiers of the One' or whatever the cult is called. Iblis is shown to have impressive powers. He is the one who gave Zoe the ability to program her avatar the way she did. It would make sense that at least some of the original series plotlines that werent used in the remake will show up in Caprica. If Iblis is behind it, it would also explain how the Cylons, which destroyed themselves and the 13th tribe thousands of years ago according to the remake, could show up again. Like in the original series, Iblis was behind that war.

The Soldiers of the One intended for Zoe to die on the train.
Note that the head-mistress of the school says specfically 'We have great plans for Zoe' at the end of the episode. Have. Not had. They are well aware of her avatar-mind-clone-whatever-you-call it, and intened for it to be made all along. Unfortunately the real Zoe had to die so that Daniel would steal the MCP and put it into the proto-cylon and pave the way for creating the Cylons as a whole.

Zoe's parts will be recovered from the carwreck and used to make three Zoes.

Tamara is the Ur-Cylon, not Zoe.
Leoben: Adama is a Cylon.

Both Tamara and Zoe are red herrings: Serge is the Ur-Cylon.
His supposed 'non-sentience' is either deliberate Obfuscating Stupidity or is simply programming he is capable of but has no desire to break (yet).

Socrata Thrace belonged to a strictly monogamist sect.
A "monogamist sect" is mentioned in The Caprican's dating column. Explains why Kara didn't marry both Sam and Lee.
  • Either that, or polygamy becomes unacceptable during the intervening 50 years. Or perhaps, you know, Sam and Lee wouldn't get along...

Various avatars will eventually be downloaded and somehow lose their human memories.

Surely the various types of Cylon in BSG would not have behaved the way they did if they knew they were ALL directly descended from human consciousness.

  • Maybe Cavil blocked those memories along with those concerning the Final Five?

Daniel will end up with a "Head Zoe"
Eventually, Daniel's going to start having visions of Zoe talking to him. However, it wouln't be clear of Head Zoe is a a result of Daniel interacting with Zoe's avatar, a symptom of his own mental instability and guilt, or An "angel", like in "Galactica"

The series will end with the commissioning of Galactica
C'mon. It's currently 54 years before the Fall. Assuming good ratings, Caprica should last at least four years (although at the end of the day it depends on what the team has in mind). And how old is Galactica in the miniseries? 50. Do the math. Plus, it's a chance to show Galactica when she's nice and shiny.
  • Actually, the series is set 58 years before the Fall.
    • And now it's been canceled, so...

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome will begin with the commissioning of Galactica
We'll still get to see her all nice and shiny, before she and her crew kick the Cylons' candy asses.

Zoe-A will become the template for Number Six
There is a blonde version of Zoe-A. Remember "Rachael"? The Sixes are the only Cylon model known to vary widely in appearance and personality. Zoe-A has done things that parallel Number Six...

Zoe-A will become the template for Number Three
Three has also proven to be an unorthodox Cylon model, and is also an earlier model than Six.

Shannon Adama is not William Adama's Mother...
Evelyn (Joseph Adama's assistant) is. In BSG (Can't remember which episode) Adama mentions his mother's name is Evelyn. Consider your mind blown.
  • CONFIRMED, since in 'Here Be Dragons', William Adama was killed. The Commander / Admiral Adama that we know and love was not that boy, and in fact must have been born after his older brother's death and named in his memory.

Several of the series characters will end up as templates for the Significant Seven
Running off the previous two "Zoe-A is X" speculation and the fact that Clarice is confirmed to be seeking a way of making humanity immortal through digital download (i.e., cylon resurrection), one might expect that Zoe and Tamara will be far from the only cylon prototypes to end up in humanoid bodies eventually. The question then becomes who will achieve this immortality and which model they would correspond with.

Some possibilities (entirely speculative):

  • Zoe-A will end up as Number Six. She's brilliant (like most versions of Six), very sexual (like all versions of Six), and a true believer (like all versions of Six).
  • Tamara-A will end up as Number Eight. She's a Badass Adorable (like all versions of Eight), is confused and unsure of her identity (a mark of all versions of Eight until Athena figures it out), and is sort of a sister to Zoe-A (Six and Eight always seemed associated with one another). She's also not really into the cylon god thing all that much (although, to be fair, this may just because it's an alien idea to her) and Eight was never all that faithful to the cylon religion.
    • This would also add some real serious irony (which Battlestar Galactica loves) to the relationship between the Eights and Adama, who treats both Boomer and Athena like daughters.
  • Clarice will end up as Number Three. She's very religious (like both Three and Six) but unlike Zoe-A she seems more concerned with grand esoteric questions and mysticism, which Three was also into (her obsession with the Final Five and interest in prophecy). She also shows both marks of being very ruthless and simultaneously very empathic towards others (a contradiction also present in Three). Possibly Jossed by speculation a template of Three might appear in Caprica but This Troper thinks this idea is funner.
  • Barnabas will end up as Number Two. At first, This Troper thought he'd make a good One (they're both kind of psychotic) but on the other hand, like Clarice he appears to be devoutly religious (albeit in a much scarier way). Plus, Two's interactions with Starbuck always had, alongside the obvious Foe Yay, a bit of Too Kinky to Torture (seriously, he seemed to get a kick out of Starbuck beating him up) and Barnabas' introduction features him wrapping a freaking chain around his own arm in a way that seems more than vaguely masochistic.
    • Hell, more than one of Barnabas' scenes involve him hurting/mutilating/etc. himself in a masochistic/flagellant manner. As this troper remembers, we have his Establishing Character Moment with the chain, and then his "rite" at the beginning of season 1.5 with the dagger.
  • At the moment, Numbers One, Four, and Five are up in the air (to be fair, the latter two never received much characterization anyway) - perhaps their characters haven't been invented yet. Daniel makes a tempting link to Number Seven (default named Daniel) but seeing as how nothing is known about Seven and Word of God has more or less denied any such link, this seems unlikely.
    • As Caprica progressed, we were supposed to see more of a rivalry between Daniel Graystone and Joseph Adama. If Seven was based on Daniel Graystone, then One might have been based on Joseph Adama, because we know that One hated Seven. (That would mean that the main villain in BSG was Bill Adama's own father!)
      • It seems like it should be the other way around. The Ones have a habit of tending to disregard inconvenient things that get in the way and even to cross lines that shouldn't really be crossed, which Daniel has done in-'verse (seriously, who tries to purposely expose their child to the kid's worst fears?). Joseph's tendency to develop a conscience about the whole notion of "resurrection" within V-world is rather un-"One"-like.
  • According to Kevin Murphy and Jane Espenson, you are correct about Zoe and Tamara.

No character will truly end up as the Ur-Cylon

  • Unvanquished mentions that the mass-produced Cylons are intelligent and capable of complex calculations and combat functions but haven't made the leap of sentience that U-87 (Zoe) has shown. However, in terms of hardware, they are identical. Indeed, the series has been teasing with the idea that the STO will end up occupying the bodies of Cylons, thus leading to the rebellion. This is, however, intended as a Red Herring. The STO will try that but ultimately fail, wiping themselves out in the process. The template of Zoe or Tamara will activate the Cylons' dormant sentience but neither Tamara nor Zoe will be truly copied. Instead, they will both die once the V-World finally collapses. The same may go for the members of the STO who manage to make virtual avatars of themselves. What will remain is the references to monotheism in Cylon databanks which they will adopt as part of gaining sentience. Likewise, as mentioned above, certain STO members' templates may make it to the Significant Eight models. But this will not be a direct process: The Final Five will simply find them in the databanks and develop them, adding their own modifications along the way (John Cavil was modeled after Ellen's father).
    • In addition, these events will develop in such a manner that any character aware of it will either die, thus unable to reveal the secret, or choose to stay quiet, as will be the case with Joseph Adama. Indeed, Joseph Adama ending up as the sole survivor of the original creators of the 12 Colonies' Cylons may be the very reason why he chooses to stay quiet and take the secret to the grave.

Tamara and/or Zoe will lead to the Cylon War, but as an unintended side-effect of their V-World exploits

  • Both Tamara and Zoe are shown to be capable of altering the reality of the V-World. Zoe and Tamara's meeting will trigger a conflict between the two virtual gods that will expand, tearing up the V-World with glitches and errors and eating up bandwith and data. With some Hollywood Hacking, this may even spill onto other systems such as Caprica's global communications or electricity grid. This will be interpreted by the Caprican government as a hacking attack. From this point on, it can go in two directions, depending on whether the Cylons have gained sentience yet:
    • 1) Caprican Government uses Cylons to attack another Colony (probably Gemenon) during which Cylons' sentience is activated, eventually leading to their own rebellion.
    • 2) Capricans believe that the already-sentient Cylons have staged the hacking attack, leading to a wave of technophobia and prodding the Caprican Government to shoot first, thus leading the Cylons to counterattack.

Each and every one of the eventual Model 005 Cylons will have a virtual avatar of someone dead downloaded into them, in order to function at all. In addition, apotheosis will be an utter failure.
It is likely that the same few avatars would be recycled millions of times (some of these may even be copies of Zoe and / or Tamara). The many, many copies of the people they were based on would not take kindly at being used as slaves, or the fact that they are not the originals and are indeed just mass-produced clones being sold to the highest bidder, thus rebelling and starting the First Cylon War.

At least one of them will end up containing the consciousness of Clarice Willow, since her plan for a 'virtual heaven' probably means finding a way to convert her mind (not copy it) completely into avatar form and live forever in a special V-World, leaving her physical body behind, the method of which she would test on herself first. It will go wrong and instead of appearing in paradise, she will be instead somehow trapped in the body of a standard Model 005, quickly going insane and having to be destroyed. Everyone else attempting it would suffer the same fate, soon after which the 'project' would be abandoned.

The entire Caprica series was a plot by the WWE to take over Syfy.
Think about it: Create a show that is completely different from its successful predecessor. 2) Stock it w/ an entire cast of unlikable characters. 3) Write a dull narrative w/ little action and maudlin drama for those characters. 4) Squander a strong lead-in and initially high ratings. 5) Totally ignore your fan base and 6) Continue to fail after your show is moved to another night. The only way that this would all be possible, is if someone behind the scenes was pulling strings.Somebody like the...WWE.
  • Except the WWE doesn't care what channel they are on, so they don't need to pull strings. Unlike most Syfy shows, they can go on virtually any channel and keep their fan base.
  • Actually, considering Syfy's track record of sabotaging excellent quality shows (starting with Farscape, which they sabotaged for the benefit of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series by changing it's day of broadcast), I say they were the ones responsible for the way the show came off by constant meddling with it. The fact that they cancelled Caprica in favor of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, and then canceled that before it could take off as a series shows exactly how little Sy Fy cares about quality of a show and just treats them only as temporary money makers.

Other 'Messengers' Will Appear, Who Look Like Other Characters From The BSG / CTS 'Verse.

In the light of cancellation, these are unlikely to be higher profile BSG characters such as Six or Starbuck, but the likelihood of someone resembling either one of the Final Five or one of their close associates seems fairly high. Within the CTS cast, the most likely characters (to me) to have 'divine/ascended'doppelgaengers are Tamara, Amanda, Clarice, Lacy, Barnabas, Daniel, Joseph and Evelyn/Emmannuelle.

  • Jossed! By series cancellation. However, if the franchise continues I won't be surprised to see this pattern go on. We might even finally get closure on whether they are shapeshifters, or whether one way or another, characters have 'taken after' these divine/alien/ascended prototypes.

Lacy Rand is Kara Thrace's grandmother.

She conceived a child with Odin on Gemenon, who turns out to be Dreilide Thrace (since Socrata Thrace was said to have fought in the First Cylon War, she is too old to be a possibility).

Zoe-A and/or 'Messenger' Zoe will turn up in BSG: Blood & Chrome at some point

We already know the Messengers are immortal, and unlike flesh and blood skin-jobs, Zoe A's final human-like form is completely mechanical and will not age. With the early cancellation of Caprica (just as things were getting interesting, darn!) it seems like only fair that the production team will try to salvage at least one or two characters for the next attempt at BSG 'verse series.

  • Considering a very minor character like Doctor Cottle was namedropped near the finale, I think it's very possible.

Starbuck is really Kara-A

Considering the BSG finale from another angle in the light of Caprica, it is interesting to speculate that the original Kara Thrace died in 'Maelstrom' and the 'angel' who leads the Fleet (and the Cylons) to their end are separate beings, the latter of whom having the original's memories, a similar personality and believing herself to be Kara Thrace, in the same way that Tamara-A believes herself to be Tammy Adams. What this being actually is, 'underneath', is another question — one suggestion being : the LOK Aurora, having wiped her own memory and taken human form (this coming from the BSG: Final Five spin-off comic book). Another assumption is that 'God' created her from nothing.

  • There is also the case of Sharon, who has Boomer's memories and personality to the extent that she feels a bond with Galen despite never having met him, and the other copy of No. 8 Helo encounters in 'The Hub', who has accessed Sharon's own memories and assimilated them to the extent both Helo and D’Anna recognize traits of Sharon in her.
  • Thirteenth Tribe technology perfectly reproduces a consciousness in another body. Although you could argue the resurrected individual was still just a copy, the process is not explained and appears not to be based on digital technology, which means that nothing is necessarily 'lost'. Zoe Greystone's avatar program is different, in that it uses digital technology, there is some degree of loss, and the sentient Avatars are not quite the same people as their originals.

All this has happened before, all this will happen again

Caprica does not take place in the past of the BSG universe, but in the far distant future- so far in the future that the cycle of history has started to repeat itself from the beginning. The Constant in all this? The sapient Centurions that departed in the last Basestar to search for a world of their own in the BSG finale.

Corollary: The reason it's repeating near-identically is because The One God is micromanaging it to that purpose. Or more accurately, he's programmed it to micromanage itself- both humanity and the cylons are components of a living simulation running an exhaustive search. History, in other words, iterates forever with minor changes each time until a certain desired result is achieved. Like trying to crack a briefcase's combination lock by trying every possibility in sequence.

Caprica actually takes place 68 years before the Fall, not 58.
Really, this is the only way to explain how Bill Adama was allowed anywhere near the cockpit of a Viper Mark II.
  • Isn't it established that Bill Adama was in school when the war started and didn't become a pilot untill near the end? Given the war ended 40 years before the Fall, Adama was born 57 years before (according to Battlestar Wiki) and we don't have a solid start date, it's still plausible that he served in the war by the age of 17. It would depend entirely on school leaving age and recruitment/conscription age in the Colonies, but the plausibility remains.

The 'missing' cylon from BSG is based on Daniel Graystone.
They have the same name. It would also make sense that one of the people responsible for their creation would have a model based on him.

Most of the original avatars get deleted when V-World is taken offline
The absence of characters like Zoe and Tamara from BSG is easily explainable when one considers that sooner or later the Colonies would have to pull the plug on V-World, as in literally shut down the servers, when the problem of Cylon infiltration became apparent. Without V-World, there could be no bouncing back and forth of consciousness between Cylon bodies and online backups. This could leave the Cylons feeling slightly desperate when Final Five finally arrive from Earth with their Resurrection technology, which was even better than Zoe's avatar program. The reason the Models all resembled each other personality-wise was because a variation of the old avatar software was used to create duplicate personalities, just as the Models were duplicate bodies. Since the humanoid Cylons of Earth had long since taken to biologically procreating, they might have had the technology to transfer minds, but not to assemble them from stray data. Since by that point they were working off the existing Centurion A.I.'s, rather than creating virtual copies of what was probably the now-defunct Soldiers of the One, they had more uniformity and less variety. At least until some had lived/resurrected enough to become more individualized.

Zoe was always a Cylon
Zoe is basically a Chocolate Baby, in that she really doesn't resemble either of her parents. A Messenger took interest in her at an early age. She was by far the greatest computer programmer in the Twelve Colonies, something that seems to stem from her Messenger's guidance rather than having attracted it. "God" may have intervened to cause Amanda to give birth to an organic Cylon, specifically to set the cycle in motion. After 2,000 years since the settlement of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, the humans had failed to recreate Cylon technology. So "God" sends Zoe as the daughter of promising scientist-industrialist Daniel Graystone, who frequently "borrows" ideas from his daughter, who is herself working on designing artificial intelligence under the guidance of her Messenger. This might account for how Zoe was able to share experiences from the real world with her avatar in V-World - a variation of Cylon projection.


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