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Moments of pure awesome from Caprica, the (very different and Cyberpunk) offshoot of Battlestar Galactica (2003).

  • Tamara Adama who, in the space of one episode, goes from occasionally mentioned supporting character without much development with what development she did have making her a waifish scared schoolgirl (playing very much the second fiddle to Zoe Graystone) to one of the most awesome characters in the show. How? Wandering in Cyber Space following her digital resurrection, she is confronted with a Dark And Gritty Grand Theft Auto Expy where, although at first shaken, she not only survives but ends up thriving, in part because of her Neo-like powers. All in the hope that she'll wake up and be reunited with her family. When she finds out that she's actually dead and can't leave? She kicks ass and takes names, killing the avatars of the faux mobsters who intended to use her as a tool. Awesome.
    • What the hell did you expect? Her brother's Bill Frakking Adama!
  • Young Willy Adama is showing signs of precocious badassery (e.g. taking out a racist with a well-aimed rock)
  • Even ol' Joseph (normally angsting over his daughter) gets some when he takes the search for his daughter into cyberspace and kills off half the avatars of a virtual club in the aforementioned Grand Theft Auto Expy when it obstructs his search for Tamara, showing clearly he's a Papa Wolf.
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  • The Adamas are clearly the ultimate Badass Family. At least in Science Fiction.
  • In the episode Blowback, Lacy is an example of this and Took a Level in Badass by rebelling against her captors and nearly beating one of them to death with a gun. The whole thing turned out to be a (sadistic) Secret Test of Character by the STO, but still proved that she is indeed a Not-So-Harmless Villain.
  • Tamara-A using Obfuscating Stupidity to mow down all the thugs in the club, ending with getting a message to her father and shooting her would-be extorter with a Bond One-Liner.
    • New Cap City - originally appears to be a simple critique of the current gamer culture. However, it ends up serving as a stand-in for Hell for Joseph Adama's search for his daughter. This also leads to a moment of Fridge Brilliance when the viewer realizes that not only is this a retelling of the Orpheus legend, but considering future events, Jospeh Adama's journey may have been the ORIGIN of the Orpheus legend..
  • In another example from that episode, how about Little!Adama beating the tar out of an older boy who throws racial slurs at him for being a Tauron? Sixty years before he was clubbing Cylons to death with flashlights, William Adama was still generating Crowning Moments of Awesome, and that fact counts as a Crowning Moment of Awesome itself.
    • Subverted, as Willy Adama is not Bill Adama, he's his older, deader brother.
  • "Zoe?" "That's right, Clarice, IT'S ME!"
  • Lacey gets another one at the end. "Hello, Clarice. I think you should kneel."
  • The public debut of the Cylons at Atlas Arena, managing to completely avert a terrorist attack with no civilian losses.


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