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  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • Joseph Adama's wife is called Evelyn in documents seen in Battlestar Galactica; the one killed in the bomb blast is named Shannon. At first, it doesn't compute...and then Adama's assistant (or something) shows up (played, incidentally, by Teryl Rothery; she gets him coffee (reluctantly), and he complements her on her shoes. Her name? Evelyn.
    • Also, the scene where this Evelyn seems quite interested in Joseph's tattoo - which is situated on his chest. This question is likely to be answered sooner then later.
      • More or less confirmed as of "End of Line;" Emmanuelle from New Cap City is shown to have been Evelyn all along, who wanted to get Joseph out of V-World; she caresses him after Tamara kills his New Cap City avatar.
      • Even more Fridge Brilliance is that hinting that Emmanuelle and Evelyn are the same person is not only do the look somewhat similar, but the fact that both characters refer to Joseph as Councilor.
      • As of "False Labor", Joseph and Evelyn have gotten intimate. With the blessing of Shannon's mother Ruth. So yeah, Evelyn is clearly Willie's stepmother-to-be. And given that Willie dies... this is Bill Adama's mother.
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    • In the Grand Finale of Battlestar Galactica, a flashback shows William Adama becoming insulted and refusing to continue with a polygraph test when asked if he as ever stolen money out of a cash drawer. Now, with Caprica, we find out that his father was a lawyer for and that his uncle was a made man in the Tauron mob - How long do you think it'll be before we see young Willie Adama stealing money from a cash drawer (or, at very least, being presented with that moral choice)?
      • Never, as it happens. William "Willie" Adama dies, and Evelyn and Joseph name their son after him. However, Willie was shot while he, Joseph, Evelyn, and Sam were trying to take money from Sam's old workplace. Since his namesake died doing it, embezzlement is a sore spot for Bill.
  • As noted on the series page, this series makes it rather unclear if humanity's downfall was its own fault, or if it was engineered by a higher power. And then you realize that in-universe, the majority of the human race is unaware of any divine meddling. As far as they're aware, it really was humanity's fault for the Cylon war.
    • Thus adding a Fridge Horror element. The cycle of conflict between man and machine appears to be enforced by an external power, rather than a naturally-recurring historical trend. Which makes humans and Cylons alike pawns in a sadistic game played by an unknown entity.
      • However, the humans' generally cruel and dismissive attitude toward sentient AI life was definitely not forced on them by any stretch. Notably, Daniel initially hypes up Cylons to the board of Graystone Industries as a source of endless uncompensated labor that is fully expendable, has no rights, and will never retire, despite being well aware that they are sentient. Most other humans think of the Cylons similarly (e.g., Amanda repeatedly calling robotic Zoe-A a monster without realizing it's actually her daughter, or Philomon - despite his kind behavior toward the robot and toward Zoe in V-World - rejecting her at the revelation that they're actually the same person), indicating that regardless of whether or not the Cylons' initial creation was engineered, the way humans chose to treat them and the subsequent conflict that ensued were entirely a result of their own actions.