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  • In "Reins of a Waterfall", Lacy tackles a boy and straddles him, demanding information. He points out that he's larger than her. The following line is funny, at the very least because it sounds like it escaped from a Joss Whedon production.
    • Jane Espenson, who worked on Buffy extensively and wrote two episodes of Angel and one of Dollhouse, is one of the main producers. Draw your own conclusions.
  • Joseph's flying lessons.
  • Joseph's encounter with Virtual-Daniel after he uses the Holoband for the first time. There was simply something incredibly funny with Joseph yelling at V-Daniel who just went on reciting his pre-programmed lines about Holoband regulations in the same cheerful tone.
    • Even better that the CMoF came immediately after a borderline Nightmare Fuel sequence where Joseph finds himself in an empty building and the audience sees someone approaching him before revealing that person to be V-Daniel.
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  • "Philomon: I work on top secret government robots." "Zoe-A: That is so hot." * kisses*
  • When Zoe-R is stuck watching her parents have sex in front of what they think is just a robot. It's kinda weird and funny seeing a Cylon look embarassed and/or disgusted.
  • Moments after telling Daniel not to panic,
    Cyrus: You went to the Tauron mob to rob a Tauron? Oh, I take it back now I'm panicking. Frak me!