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Nightmare Fuel / Caprica

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  • Tamara Adams' Avatar can't hear the beat of her own heart.
  • The Zoe-Cylon chopping off the technician Drew's fingertip in "Rebirth". Oh boy. You would get squeamish from seeing his finger bleed profusely all over his hand. He screams for Philomon to find the fingertip, which he does eventually.
  • Daniel's torture of the Zoe-Cylon in "Ghost in the Machine". The things he does and says are disturbing enough on their own, but when you consider that it's his daughter he's tormenting, and abusing his knowledge of her deepest fears to do so, it hits a whole new level. Also distressing is the speed Daniel goes from "trying to talk rationally" to "borderline Mind Rape".
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  • "Things we Lock Away". Vergis forces Daniel to kill him after the latter proposes an alliance. Both actors do a really good job in the scene; remember that this is, as far as we know, Daniel's first direct kill, ever. This instance goes double for Daniel, especially since [he had been trying to make the case for Vergis and him teaming up to take down the Guattrau, (in his words) "ending the bloodshed," and simultaneously saving Vergis' life. What drives this moment even further is that Vergis appears to accept his proposal. He tells Daniel to swear on his grandfather's knife - relaxed, Daniel puts a hand on the hilt, thinking that it worked, which is when Vergis grabs Daniel's wrist and plunges the knife into his chest. Sheesh.


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