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The upcoming reboot will mix-and-match elements of the original and reimagined series.
Cylons will be made by an ancient race like in the original, but there will be skin-jobs like the reimagined series, names will follow the conventions of the reimagined series but there will be some Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp" from the original series, like "yahren" for "year" and "daggit" for "dog", the overarching mythology will be a mix of that of the reimagined series and the Count Iblis/Ship of Lights mythology from the original series, and we'll see versions of characters that were exclusive to one of the two previous series but not both, like Sheba, Boxey and Muffet, Galen Tyrol, Laura Roslin, Tom Zarak, etc.

The reboot will be an even balance of the first two series' tones.
Walking the middle ground of the original series' idealism and the reimagined series' cynicism, the world of the reboot will be a World Half Full. This will best be reflected by Reboot Adama, who will take after the infallible Adama of the original series and the relatable Adama of the reimagined series.

Reboot Starbuck will be bisexual or pansexual no matter what gender he/she is.
And if he's male, his name will be Kal Thrace.

The reboot will bring back cast members from both previous series
And not just as new characters like Richard Hatch as Zarak in the reimagined series, either. They'll also reprise some of the roles they played previously, some in a deeper sense than others....

The reboot will crossover with both previous series
....because they'll be playing the same incarnations of the characters they originally played.

The reboot will settle the question of whether the first two series are different cycles in the same timeline or two different timelines altogether once and for all.

Just like how the original series was an allegory for the Mormons' struggles and the reimagined series was an allegory for the War On Terror, the reboot will be an allegory for the Coronavirus quarantines.
The threat of Cylons will force people to stay on their ships, and once people learn about the skin-jobs they'll make less and less contact with one another. We'll get all kinds of uncertainty about the feasibility of a Cylon detector.

Reboot humans and Cylons will have a Harmony Versus Discipline dynamic.
The Cylon Badass Creed from the original series, "By your command," will be used to show how the Cylons are united in slavish and unquestioning loyalty to a leader. The human Badass Creed from the reimagining, "So say we all," will be used to show how humans are united in their pursuit of a goal—survival.

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