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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is really Assassin's Creed III in disguise!
Why would Nolan North sign onto a game he would have a bit part in?
  • Money.
  • Plus contract obligations.
  • He was told he wouldn't be typecast.
  • Semi-confirmed? This official video (jump to about 1:10) tells us that Desmond will appear, but not in what capacity.

The multiplayer characters in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood will appear in the single-player story
The framing device for the multiplayer is that the player characters are Templars reliving their ancestors life's in order to gain their skills, like Desmond did with Ezio. As the multiplayer also takes place during the Renaissance, it is likely that these Templar ancestors where contemporary with Ezio, and therefore it is possible they may each have a role in the story. The most likely such role is as Templar operative's dispatched to kill Ezio. In particular, the Hunter class is likely to play the role of Ezio's Evil Counterpart, sporting a similar outfit (In the Hood worn with Badass Cape) and
Weapon of Choice (the switch-blade, which promotional materials explain is a Templar equivalent to the hidden blade).
  • I can imagine the Courtesan being a Rival Turned Evil of the Rome equivalent to Paola and Theodora. She may even be connected to those two. Maybe she was the one who scarred Paola in a failed... ahem, assassination... attempt?
  • They did appear in the single player campaign. Ezio killed them all.

RED and/or BLU were part of/taken over by Templars.
In Brotherhood, one of the abilities your multiplayer character can have is the power to disguise yourself as someone else with amazing speed. Now doesn't that sound like an ability from a certain masked, suit-clad GENTLEMAN? Also, another ability, the Sprint Boost, gives a speed boost and swirly trail effects akin to BONK.

A closer-to-modern times AC will allow you to hijack a car while you're currently in another one and both are moving.
In Brotherhood Ezio can hijack someone else's horse while on one of his own. This is the (il)logical extension. Also, why the hell not?

If the Prowler is voiced and appears in single player as a boss/target, he will be done by Barry Pepper.
The ultimate Actor Allusion/Take That!: My hood-wearing guy is better than yours!
  • Jossed: The Prowler doesn't even appear in single player.

Lucrezia Borgia will be voiced by Brooke Shields
Considering that Brooke Shields is actually Lucrezia's descendant, it would make one helluva Casting Gag... Or whatever it would count as.

Caterina Sforza is an Assassin.
Hey, it could happen. Did you not see her at Forli?! Perhaps in
Brotherhood she may emerge as one. Funny, an Assassin with a foul tongue.
  • She's not technically in the Order, but she is a staunch ally of theirs.

The Cain and Abel aspect of the story may be an inversion.
In the puzzle 'Brothers', Subject 16 notes that the Templars have always tried to put up there own people as the heroes (history is written by the victor after all). Also, in all three of the images of 'Cain killing Abel', Abel is reaching for the Piece of Eden as Cain strikes him down, almost as if Cain is trying to keep Abel from the Apple, just like the Assassin's have been doing to the Templars. And finally, an Assassin is a killer, just like Cain.

William, the Assassin sending intel to Shaun and Lucy, is Desmond's father
The M. at the end of his name stands for Miles.
  • Holy shit. Bill Miles was a character mentioned in the comic. So, this is very nearly correct.
  • This Troper agrees with this WMG. He also believes another WMG that is/was here that William was the male voice saying to put Desmond back in the Animus. This WMG is backed up by the fact that both William (or whom I'm assuming is William) and Desmond speak with the exact same accent, indicative of origins in Western New England.
  • I came across this today: Watch the video at this link (It's about the AC Encyclopedia): and pause it at 0:57 go to the characters column and read the first name under friends and allies. William M is William Miles. Confirmed, I guess?
    • Confirmed as of Assassin's Creed: Revelations. When Desmond wakes up at the very end of the game, the first one to greet him was Bill, calling him "son". Desmond recognized him almost instantly in his disoriented state. Barring the hints given by supplementary materials (the emails in the games and the comics), the fact that Bill was very protective over Desmond at the start of Revelations when Shaun implied that Desmond may have been "programmed" like Daniel Cross was was more than enough incentive to put two and two together.

When Desmond finally stars in his own AC game, it will be a Prince of Persia-style co-op game with Lucy as his sidekick
At the beginning of Brotherhood, there's a section with Desmond and Lucy navigating the underground passages beneath modern-day Monteriggioni to gain access to the Sanctuary. This gameplay, with Desmond and Lucy helping each other get through, may very well be foreshadowing to when Desmond stars in his own game, which will be about him traversing the hidden Temples with Lucy a la Prince of Persia, with Lucy taking on the role of Farah/Elika/Whatever. Bonus points, because Nolan North has ALREADY starred as the Prince in the 2008 game.
  • Unfortunately Jossed by the ending where Those Who Came Before force Desmond to kill Lucy for reasons as yet unclear.
    • Not completely Jossed. We know that Lucy was stabbed but we don't know if she's dead. However it is doubtful that she'll be up and running and jumping very quickly after an attack like that.
      • Totally Jossed by Revelations. Lucy's dead, and a Templar.

The creators of the game intentionally left a glitch in the game after completing The Truth in Brotherhood
For those that didn't complete the truth until after the game there's a short scene out of the animus where the group discusses the ramifications. In it nearly everyone's version of Desmond was glitched standing through the Animus. This was intentionally meant for us to question and clue us into the fact that a glitch occurred in the "real world". The development team has been noted for blaming all glitches and bugs in the games on the Animus, why would they leave such a common bug unless it was meant as a plot point?

Subject 16 lives yet.
Who here has taken the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood achievement for completing all the glyphs to a morse code translator? I'll tell you. It says "IAMALIVE"!
  • I figured he managed to Upload his brain to the animus data, along with the glyphs, and once all of them were solved, he's in Desmond's brain as some sort of Spirit Advisor.
    • Yep. Shown in Revelations.

The announcer for Brotherhood multiplayer is an AU version of GLaDOS.
Not much real evidence other than sounding vaguely similar, but it sounds cool?
  • She's the same Animus voice that appears in the first game...
    • Still applicable.

Desmond had to kill Lucy so he could have a child with someone else.
Combine the ending of Brotherhood with Subject Sixteen's 'The Truth' and you realize that Desmond is not the important one. His son, who is of Templar descent, is using an improved nearly-glitch-free animus sometime After the End. Desmond was falling in love with Lucy and she had to be eliminated so he could find the one.

The Sisterhood Cheat is Actually Canon!
And Ezio ended up sleeping with each female member of the Assassin's order he founded, eventually resulting in multiple Ezio/Altaïr descendant lines!

Lucy is Erudito
She knows the ins and outs of Abstergo, and she's probably in charge of the gang's email network, so she likely would have the passwords to give to Desmond.

After Ezio discarded his father's Assassin robe, The Smuggler found it.
It's sort-of similar in appearance to the robe she wears in Multiplayer (note the neckline, puffy white sleeves and leather cuirass), and her scenes in Project Legacy make her seem like the type of person who wouldn't mind wearing a dirty, 40 year old robe.

Cesare Borgia will be resurrected at some point.
A new Mmemonic set in Project Legacy is based around The Shroud. The components are Jesus, Brutus (briefly rezzed in another memory), some other guy and Cesare. Factor in Ezio's uncertainty over his last words, and his unwillingness to die in the final boss fight and Ubisoft may as well have outright confirmed this! Unless they're playing with us.
  • Actually, the other two components, alongside Cesare and Jesus, are Jacques de Molay and Geoffroi de Charny, but here's the thing: Jacques de Molay was the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, or rather last known Grand Master in the Assassin's Creed universe, and Geoffroi de Charny and his wife are the first recorded owners of the Shroud. Also, as the last Grant Master, there were many legends surrounding Jacques de Molay including a connection to the Shroud.

Lucy is a Templar spy.
She got Animus data to Rebecca while at Abstergo, can get into Abstergo's mainframes easily enough after leaving, encountered very little resistance while escaping, and later in the game, if you talk to Lucy and then go outside, she is standing right where the red footprints leading to the vila end. That is why she was stabbed at the end of the game.
  • Confirmed in the DLC for Revelations.

The Apple can store consciousness
We already know that Altaïr looked into the Apple to see about preserving his mind as he approached death... but it could be possible that the Apple itself would serve as the vessel. In Brotherhood, Ezio becomes a lot more cold and controlled. He's still a bit of a Lad, as he always was, but he comes off as being a lot more calm and calculating, and a lot less concerned with having his fun and charging into a fight. This could be down to his age, his weariness at the neverending war against the Templars or the wisdom he gained over the years, but this change in him comes about right after he first uses the Apple against Rodrigo Borgia. It could be that upon using the Apple, Altaïr's mind entered Ezio's body, either taking over him completely or merging itself with his without his knowledge. This would have brought about the change we see in Ezio - either he absorbed Altaïr's mind or got taken over completely. If the former is true, then Ezio could have adopted many of Altaïr's personality traits, resulting in his quieter, more patient temprament. If the latter is true, then Altaïr may have retained Ezio's memories or experienced a similar effect on his personality. With Ezio's memories he could convincingly pass it off as if nothing had changed, and his warmer, more personable character could have been either from maintaining his cover or from picking up Ezio's traits. It may also be possible that a combination of the two men now exists within Ezio's body, perfectly aware of what has happened. Whatever the case, it may have been that Ezio placed the Apple within the vault beneath the Colloseum and left the writing on the wall of the sanctuary passage in order to ensure that Desmond could find it. While he could have placed it there simply to ensure that it could be used to prevent the end of the world (Ezio could have consulted the Apple to see what lay ahead, and learned about the coming apocalypse regardless of any alterations to his mind), it could also be possible that he wanted the next bearer of the Apple to experience the same effect, in the hopes that the wisdom and knowledge of both himself and Altaïr, both held within it, would be passed on to the next person who would really need it. If this is the case, then Desmond will be a very different person when we next see him in a future installment.

Juno forcing Desmond to stab Lucy was an illusion
.(Theory courtesy of the Ubisoft forums) The more you think about the popular theory that Juno forced Desmond to stab Lucy because Lucy was a Templar spy, the less it makes sense. Lucy went through a hell of a lot of trouble to defect to the Assassins, defying Vidic and all the other Templar higher-ups, and even if we're assuming she managed to trick the Assassins into thinking she was on their side, that's an awfully roundabout way for Abstergo to get the info they need, considering Desmond would have never escaped the Templars' clutches without Lucy's help.

So, essentially, Lucy would have had to betray the Templars, defect to the Assassins, THEN defect back to the Templars, assuming they wouldn't just kill her for her efforts. Either that or this was all a convoluted Templar plot to gain the Assassins' trust, but why would they even need that if they have Desmond right where they want him? So which is more likely? That Lucy is a traitor, albeit one on Revolver Ocelot's level, and got stabbed-via-proxy by Juno for her efforts, or Lucy was never killed, because she was never stabbed?

It was all a trick- Juno's way of getting Desmond to be ready to do what is necessary. As if that wasn't enough, in the very first game we're shown that the number one power of the Apple of Eden is to create illusions. Next time you watch the AC:B ending, pay close attention to what Juno says. She says "the Path must be opened" and "the scales must be balanced" but neither of those things blatantly says "Lucy has to die, it's the only way."

The next game will have Desmond on his own, using the Apple of Eden as a portable Animus.
Pretty sure killing Lucy wont go over well with the rest of the team even if Desmond explains that he was being controlled. Either they kick him out or Desmond leaves voluntarily in case this happens again. When Desmond sleeps the apple will automatically shape his dreams to reflect the memories of another past life, someone different but relevent to whats going on in the present.
  • That's improbable. The team needs Desmond, regardless of whether they like him or not. On the contrary, if Desmond tried to leave, they'd do their best to stop him, what with the end of the world coming and all if they don't do something to stop it. He might be treated more as a captive though. It's unlikely that they would treat him as a traitor though; they know the Apple's powers well enough, but that wouldn't stop them from considering him dangerous under its influence.

Ezio is Nanoha's ancestor.
As revealed in this trailer, about 1 minute in:
"What are you going to do?"
"Make some friends."

Assassin's Creed is a deconstruction of Stealth Videogames (Or, just games in general) SPOILERS for the ending of Brotherhood
Not sure if this has been talked about yet, but I got the idea after finishing Brotherhood. At the end,the Apple of Eden and the Desmond sequence fully drives home the idea that this is a deconstruction of video games. First, with the Apple of Eden, Ezio is virtually unstoppable, and getting the badies out of the way is done by holding down or pressing one button. In terms of gameplay, you are as close to God Mode in Assassin's Creed as we're likely to get. One must remember that the player isn't the only one "playing;" Desmond is in the Animus, and is "playing" the memories. We control Desmond, and Desmond controls Ezio.

Later, after we finish the parts in the Animus, we play as Desmond and have to go get the Apple under the coliseum. The pause menu is very different; the only options we get are Resume, Options, etc. Regular game options. Whats missing is the ability to restart: this is important because without that ability, it means this is the real world, and we are Desmond in the here and the now. We are no longer "playing a game;" there are no retries or redos. It is also impossible to die (I believe; I fell a couple times jumping around the church and didn't die when I presumably should have) probably because, if Desmond did die here, he would be dead forever. The developers didn't want to turn the players into a bunch of suckers if they did fall far enough, but also wanted to stay consistent. They couldn't let Desmond die here.

When Juno takes over Desmond's body and murders Lucy, we feel what its like to be controlled. We make the movements, despite not wanting to, and we're entirely conscious of it. We hate killing Lucy. We are being "played" by the equivalent of God. This is the same feeling a video game character might feel if, say, you played a cruel mother and killed random civies, if they were conscious of it.Also, the ending, being put back into the Animus (the game) because its the only way to save Desmond is similar to falling into video games because of grief, that might stem from, maybe, being forced into killing a friend of yours.

I'm sure there are other examples throughout the series, but these are the ones that stood out to me the most.

Cesare Borgia really isn't able to be killed by a mere human.
And he probably will come back in Revelations and turn out to be the grand master of the templars. Alternatively he still lives in 2012 and is Vidic or some other higher-up of Abstergo.

Eagle Vision is the Sixth Sense.
Juno says that humans are born with only five senses, whereas Those Who Came Before naturally have six. She goes on to say that as TWCB were in decline, they attempted to pass their sixth sense to the humans "in the blood". However, she says in no uncertain terms that TWCB were not able to fully incorporate their sixth sense into the human race, saying that we "can see the blue shimmer", but nothing more.

Basically, I think that Eagle Vision is the result of TWC Bs' attempts to pass the sixth sense over to the humans. We know that it is carried genetically (Shaun, who is not of Assassin stock, does not have Eagle Vision, whereas Desmond does), and when using Eagle Visions, friendly targets turn up as covered in a blue shimmer.

Leonardo used the Apple when it was in his possession.
All those deadly devices that Leonardo "invented" were really technology the Apple shared with him. Remember the Borgia did give him the Apple for a short time to experiment on and now suddenly he can not only make a flying machine that works but one with a cannon on the back of it!
  • Leo says as much when you first meet him in Brotherhood

The 'Ones Who Came Before' are actually identical to humans, but with perfect genetic memory
Juno referred to the Sixth Sense, 'Knowledge', which humans were made without. This could easily be the ability to access genetic memory naturally. Also, according to some of Subject 16's revelations in the previous game, Desmond is likely the descendant of both a human and a 'One Who Came Before'. Since he is experiencing prolonged 'Leaked Memories', this could explain why he was the only one who could see Juno. If he is descended from her, her persona could be 'Leaking' out from his Genetic Memory. This could explain how she was able to Control him, even if she seemed to need to use the apple to do so.

The Templars have infiltrated the team.
In the ending, Juno states that "The cross darkens the horizon" and after forcing Desmond to kill Lucy, says that the way is now "clear". Not only does this raise some very important questions about why Desmond was forced to do this in the first place, but it also suggests that there is something untoward about Lucy. Juno's statements suggested that she was trying to aid Desmond, and it would be fair to assume that The "Cross" referred to is the Templar cross. While this might simply be an allusion to the overarching plot of the series, it could also mean that Lucy was another Templar threat to Desmond that he was unaware of, which would be why Juno forced him to kill her. Backing this up are the strange red footprints seen in present-day Monteriggioni when using Eagle Vision, which lead from the sewers to Lucy during the sequence where she is standing outside, watching the moon. It may be possible that this was to access some of the town's electrical equipment (given the point about Monteriggioni's power lines being fairly weak, this isn't too far-fetched) and that the footprints were due to some... waste... that was dragged up. However, this is never mentioned. There is also fact that the footprints show up in red. Think about it, what else shows up red in Eagle Vision? enemies, and messages written in blood. So, was Lucy always a Templar agent who had to murder someone and hide the body in the sewers to maintain her cover? was the victim in fact the real Lucy, who was covertly murdered while outside the sanctuary and replaced by a Templar double? was Lucy on your side all along, just engaging in a bit of covert killing without telling anyone? or was she down in the sewers for some perfectly innocuous reason, that she never saw fit to disclose to her team? If either of the first two possibilities is true, it would certainly explain Lucy's extreme dedication - In one eMail, an Assassin leader actually asks her to calm down. Why would Lucy's stress seem out of the ordinary? could she be secretly working towards an ulterior motive? maybe she's so obsessed with finding the Apple because she's working for the Templars. Considering that Desmond is the only lead they have on the Apple (and that they have an apparent habit of planting moles in other teams), it would make sense for them to try and infiltrate the one with access to the most vital information.
  • If this is true, then she must be a really good spy to fool Desmond's Eagle Vision into thinking she's an Assassin. Either that or she programmed the bleeding effect in the Animus to make her appear as a friendly to Desmond.
  • Eagle Vision isn't exactly magic, and it is possible and in fact very likely that it only highlights known threats, which would allow Lucy to appear as an ally to Desmond because he sees her as such. Also, Subject 16's speech at the end of The Truth mentions something about "she is not as she seems" which could refer to Lucy, further supporting this theory.
  • What if Juno wants the Assassins to fail? She refers to the "Cross darkening the horizon", but she doesn't seem too pleased to see Desmond. "The way is clear" means the Assassins just lost their best agent. Either all the Ones-who-came-before are betting on the Templars or it's just Juno. The blood is from Lucy stopping Templar agents from getting to the Hideout, and she doesn't tell the others because the stress would shatter the team completely. If Lucy was a Templar agent, I doubt she would put so much work into scheduling the weekly timetable. Or something. I dunno.
  • Remember, Al-Mualim appeared blue at first too.
  • I get a feeling that if the real Lucy is dead and being replaced by a fake, maybe that Lucy has undergone Becoming the Mask.
  • I thought that 16 was refering to Juno not being who she said she was
  • She could have also been brainwashed into being a sleeper agent.
  • I always thought it was a blood trail left by Ezio when he was injured.
  • You're all incorrect about the red marking line seen in Eagle Vision. It was put there in play testing because play testers away got lost in the city, and that led them back into their HQ. When they removed it in the actual game, some of the lines where still there.

Regarding Juno's reason for killing Lucy
Remember Kessler from InFamous? Basically the same thing.

Lucy is still alive.
And if so, I hope she's still with the Assassins because I don't wanna hear about rumors of her being a Templar.
  • Jossed in Revelations.

The person stuffed into the Animus at the ending is not Desmond, but Lucy
We have already seen Desmond ancestors, and Rebecca and Shaun both comment about their experiences. But what about Lucy? She's a great fighter, team leader and researcher to be just a Badass Normal.

The voices at the end (not Shaun or Rebecca, so probably other assassins) claim someone's gone into shock, which again would make Lucy more probable. What if Juno manipulated the whole thing because there was important information on Lucy's ancestors, and getting her into the Animus was vital to the mission?

Thus we get the setting for the next game: To find the last piece of information, hidden in the memories of a female Assassin.

  • Unfortunately, they refer to the person being put in the Animus as "he". Lucy's a girl.
  • Jossed in Revelations.

One of the temples that the modern Assassins are looking for is in Turin, NY
The so called "perfect number" found in the Pythagorean Temple at the end of the Da Vince Disappearance is 43 39' 19"N, 75 27' 42"W. These are the lat/long coordinates of the town of Turin, NY. Given that the Ones Who Came Before knew that the animus would be developed and that Desmond would be using it to relive Ezio's life, there has to be something there that they want him or someone associated with him to find.
  • Implied to the location of the temple Desmond spends AC III exploring.

Sometime between Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood, Leonardo invented a time machine.
He went to the modern day and brought back a cardboard box as a souvenir. He then put it in the middle of Rome to mess with everyone's head.

Machiavelli was aware of La Volpe's suspicions.
And his attempt to kill him. If Ezio hadn't turned up when he did La Volpe would have gotten a Hidden Blade counter to the face when he tried to stab Machiavelli.
  • Considering Machiavelli's knowing and cool glance at Volpe about "Jesus Christ coming back to life twice", i'd say you are right. It's also kind of Machiavellian to make this a I Know You Know I Know thing between himself, Volpe and Ezio so that he and the Boss will command the Brotherhood without any more internal dissent.

Ezio inadventently gave the Templars the idea for Abstergo
The Borgia took over Rome, and then looted it to fund their operations in the rest of Italy. Ezio came in, rebuilt the infrastructure and reopened the shops, and quickly gained the economic strength and popular support needed to take the city away from them. Later generations of Templars studied what happened and decided to learn from Ezio's example, eventually creating Abstergo, a conglomerate so pervasive that it takes conscious effort to not own any of their products, ensuring economic control of the world.
Il carnefice is descendant of Majd Addin


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