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The real Odin took the deal that Mr. World offers.
  • Why else have we seen Odin in the Thor movies, or in the series Vikings in the last few years? He's even in The Almighty Johnsons as a Mr. Wednesday Expy!
  • Media outright states that one of his European counterparts had taken the same deal as Ostara, so that makes sense.
  • What 'real Odin'? There isn't a 'real Odin', each of his incarnations is influenced by the society in which his believers live in. The Icelandic Odin, for instance, isn't any more the Prime Odin than Wednesday is. He's just different.

Some of the Old god characters represent the 4 horsemen of the apocalypses
  • Easter/Ostara famine = She suck the life out of plants which includes crops

  • Odin-war= He incites the war

  • Czernobog-Death= look at his hammer

  • If the series follow the books then Mr. World is conquest or Bilquist is Pestilence

Kek will replace the tech boy
He's had a resurgence of popularity on the internet recently and his role as god of darkness and chaos makes him a natural representative of the anonymous and volatile nature of internet culture, especially the seedier corners of it like 4chan and 8chan. Given his ties to the alt right in spite of his African origins, Anansi would likely have some choice words for him.

New Media is Loki, not Mr. World.
It is no secret at this point that in the original novel, Mr. World is revealed to be Loki, having been working with Mr. Wednesday in a long-term two-person con to have the Old Gods and New Gods kill each other, Wednesday feeding off of their deaths and Loki feeding on the chaos in a sort of Straw Nihilist "I'm sick of playing nice and I'm sick of all of you. I'm taking you with me" mindset.

This theory is contingent on the idea that people who have been watching the series has read the book (or at least has researched it) and have learned the twist that Mr. World is Loki. In the series, Media has realized that war is inevitable and decides to embrace the "gods of progress" idea that her pantheon predicates on and has herself upgraded, becoming New Media after spending a sizable amount of time within the internet and learning how humanity's sense of entertainment and interaction is evolving and evolves with it.


Loki is a trickster god, and in many mythologies, tricksters do their duty not by direct confrontation, but through disguises and wit. What better way to destroy a group of powerful people than from within? Sure he could have gone to Mr. World as himself and asked to be "rebranded" like they have offered everybody else, but Loki is notorious for being the kind of guy that bites the hand that feeds him, so it is unlikely that anyone would trust him regardless of how good he behaves. Instead, Loki uses his natural ability to disguise himself (Sleipnir being proof that he can change gender as well) and takes on the guise of an unassuming being who also has a habit of changing form. It is likely that he had been following the New Gods, had either incapacitated or killed Media and took her place, successfully using the logic of how the gods operate to his advantage.


The moment New Media appears, the power dynamic among the new gods has been upset. "She" appeals to Mr. World's Control Freak personality by displaying unflinching optimism towards his plans. Because New Media is a New God of information (and what better currency for buying mischief is there other than information?), she can do everything that the Technical Boy could do (being the New God of Technology and the Internet) but with literal thousands of years of experience by comparison. This puts Technical Boy on edge, as not only does he not work well with strangers (and New Media is very strange), but he is already on thin ice with Mr. World as is. All she does is provide that last push (convincing him that she can do TB's job better than he can) and Mr. World "retires" the Technical Boy. That's two New Gods down.

While Mr. World seems to possess some level of omniscience, it is not infallible, or else he would not find Argus and his contributions as valuable as he did. Loki, being the witty son-of-a-bitch that he is, would be clever enough to avoid his suspicions up until she finds a way to off him, or at least somehow convince him to call every other New God together for that big battle just like he wants.

Mr. World orchestrated the MCU to mock Wednesday
Because he Ate His Gun, no amount of worship will bring him back. The popularity of those movies is a constant reminder that his son is gone forever. And Loki's popularity doesn't hurt either.

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