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Heartwarming / American Gods (2017)

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    Season One 
Episode 3 - Head Full of Snow
  • A salesman down on his luck meets a Djinn taxi driver tired of his life, and they make a connection one night. They spend a night of comfort together. The next day, the salesman has a new life and hope in his step. The Djinn has gone but now has moved on from the static job and has left the city that seemed to stifle him.
  • Anubis/Mr. Jacquel comes to escort the recently deceased Mrs. Fadil to the Duat to be judged against Ma'at's feather, while explaining that even as a Muslim, her grandmother's stories of the gods of ancient Egypt meant he would always be the one to come for her. Even though he's a physically imposing presence, he is UNBELIEVABLY gentle with her. Mrs Fadil realizes no one will eat the food she was making, as her family will be more concerned with having found her dead on the floor, and asks him to taste it. He does so and pronounces it perfect.

Episode 4 - The Git Gone

  • Despite her shortcomings and her affair, Laura Moon legitimately loved Shadow. After she returned back from the dead and witnessed him being lynched, she launched to his defense without hesitation.

Episode 6 - A Murder of Gods

  • Despite his constant bickering with Salim and Laura, Sweeney removes his hat while Salim does his morning prayers at the end of the episode.
  • The exchange between Laura and Salim in this scene is also really sweet:
    Salim: God is great.
    Laura: Life is great, Salim not-Salim.
    Salim: ...Life is great.

Episode 7 - A Prayer For Mad Sweeney

  • Sweeney repays Essie McGowan for bringing him with her to America by keeping her company the night before she passes on. He clearly wasn't always the Jerkass he is now.
  • Even though he's tempted to leave Laura's corpse in the middle of the road, Sweeney brings Laura back by returning his lucky coin - the same one he just got back in his hands after several episodes of wanting it from Laura.
  • Knowing Salim is only taking Mad Sweeney's abuse because he needs his help to find the Jinn, when Laura finds out about the House on the Rock, she tells him immediately, and encourages him with an emphatic "Go find your man."

    Season Two 
Episode 2 - The Beguiling Man
  • When Laura takes the dead-end they hit as a sign to just lie down and give up, Sweeney could have just ask for his coin then and there. Instead, he decides to bring her into the Horde with him as a shortcut (a process that he would only do as a last resort), showing that he actually does care about her a little bit.

Episode 7 - Treasure of the Sun

  • When Wednesday shrugs off Sweeney's reasoning that he has been freed of his debt to him by fairy rules ("fuck the fairies"), Sweeney asks Salim if he was going to "let him talk about [them] like that." While Sweeney technically qualifies as a fairy and "fairy" is used as a derogatory term for gay men, this shows that Sweeney possesses some level of camaraderie with Salim in-spite of their double-edged relationship.
    • Going further, in a quiet moment, Sweeney makes it clear to Salim that the jinn could die and that, despite being free to leave, Salim could die, too, if he sticks around. He asks if Salim giving up his whole life is worth it to be with a being who, if he does survive the coming war, has a much longer lifespan than humans. And clearly, Sweeney thinks the answer is no, not due to any homophobia or even personal animosity towards the jinn but due to some sort of affection and respect he's developed for Salim.

Episode 8 - Moon Shadow

  • Salim buying liquor as a way to honour the dead Sweeney.
  • Shadow making it clear to Salim that they should both leave for their safety but respecting Salim's decision to stay with the jinn.

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