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Tear Jerker / American Gods (2017)

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    Season One 
Episode 1 - The Bone Orchard
  • Shadow and Audrey coping with the fact that their spouses were having an affair. For Shadow it's just the last straw; the moment Audrey tells him, the sound completely goes away. Audrey drunkenly comes on to Shadow by Laura's grave, wanting to get some form of posthumous revenge on her husband and best friend, and the two end up clinging together in their joint grief and betrayal.

Episode 2 - The Secret of Spoons

  • Shadow's final moments in his house. He's utterly surrounded by painful memories, still hoping to see Laura around the corner any second, yet unable to avoid seeing the evidence of Laura's affair with Robbie around every corner.

Episode 3 - Head Full of Snow

  • Having been judged as a basically good person, even though she wasn't perfect, Mrs. Fadil is given her choice of afterlives. She wants to make sure she ends up with her grandmother.

Episode 4 - The Git Gone

  • After returning home from her revival, Laura sees the "Welcome Home Shadow" banners she and Audrey had created for his surprise party. She looks incredibly guilty at the reminder that she had been cheating on him all the way until her death.

Episode 6 - A Murder of Gods

  • Mexican Jesus being gunned down by a Christian extremist militia as he attempts to shield an illegal immigrant family. Given the gunmen's aggressiveness, it's unlikely that he managed to save them, even though he blocked the first two bullets.

Episode 7 - A Prayer for Mad Sweeney

  • After being tempted to steal back his coin from Laura following the car accident, Sweeney shouts to no-one in particular about how shit things have been for him since arriving in America. Say what you will, the poor guy's had it rough.
    Mad Sweeney: Créd as co tarlaid an cac-sa dam? Nach lór rofhulangas? Is lór chena, ní am olc! Ní am!note 

Episode 8 - Come To Jesus

  • After hints in the first two episodes, we finally see just how far from grace Bilquis has fallen. Even in her heyday, misogynists tried to tear her down and watching them eventually win, with her losing her worshipers, is heart-wrenching.

    Season Two 
Episode 1 - House on the Rock
  • Zorya Vechernyaya's death is treated as the tragedy that it is. Wednesday (who is implied to have been her lover at some point) holds her up and listens to her final words while Czernobog, in his rage, spouts a curse upon the assassin and the one who sent him with an ugly, undignified death.

Episode 2 - The Beguiling Man

  • Czernobog is truly broken up about Vechernyaya's death, especially since without any believers, her death will be permanent. He has known her since they first came to America and they have survived together for that long, so for her to die with no one to remember her and without all of the proper funerary rights that she deserves is an agonizing fact to behold.

Episode 6 - Donar the Great

  • While Wednesday tries passing himself off as blameless and aloof, it is very obvious that he feels immense guilt for playing his part in Donar's suicide.

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