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Drinking Game / American Gods (2017)

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This is a show steeped in Americana, shrouded in mystery, and lacquered with good old-fashioned panache. It's also a show in which almost everyone is either getting drunk or already there. Appreciate responsibly, and feel free to pick and choose your rules. After all, we can't all be drinking Gods.

Season 1:

Take a swig when...

  • Shadow looks confused
  • Slow motion
  • Wednesday is called by a different name
  • Shadow Curses
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  • Wednesday lies
  • Laura kills someone or something (including herself)
  • Mad Sweeney calls someone a Cunt
  • Mad Sweeney talks about his shit Luck
  • Laura is a dick to anyone (including herself)
  • Gratuitous Violence
  • Media speaks in quotes (1 per scene)
  • Per Coming to America
  • Salim talks about a new life
  • Bilquis has (fatal) sex
  • Mad Sweeney gets a Southern Comfort and Coke
  • Anyone drinks or smokes (1 per scene, per person)
  • Shadow is visibly hurt
  • Shadow gets a Jack and Coke
  • Mad Sweeney loses a fight
  • A God refuses or scolds Wednesday
  • Anyone says not to trust Wednesday
  • Shadow is pulled aside by a God
  • The Coin is visible
  • Shadow screams

Finish your drink when...

  • A God makes a direct and overt show of force
  • Shadow uses his powers
  • Mr. World arrives (once per episode)

Take a shot when...

  • A God's true, cultural name is spoken (first time only)
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  • A God Dies
  • A God reaches into someone's mind or body

Season 2:

Take a sip when...

  • Someone talks down to Laura
  • Sweeney's luck gets worse (again)
  • Shadow is surrounded by light (one per scene)
  • A God is born or reborn
  • Sex (each new pairing)
  • Laura is a dick to anyone, including herself
  • Anyone smokes or drinks (one per scene)
  • A crucial backstory element is revealed
  • Laura kills or maims anyone, including herself
  • Mr. World raises his voice
  • One for any monologue topping a minute and a half
  • Someone falls in love with Bilquis
  • Anyone curses (one per person, per scene)

Take a shot when...

  • A God dies or is incapacitated
  • A human is sacrificed
  • Blood is spilled in slow-mo
  • The God-Squad is fully convened
  • The Saved™ fall in love with Bilquis
  • Odin's Head is Entered
  • Laura is recharged
  • Black Gods convene

Finish your drink when...

  • The Train crashes
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  • Nancy's Snatched monologue
  • Memento Mori
  • Sweeney remembers
  • The Reveal

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