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Oink! is an Atari 2600 game created by Mike Lorenzen and published by Activision. It is essentially the video game adaptation of the Three Little Pigs, with your goal in the game being to prevent the Big Bad Wolf from blowing enough holes in your wall in order to come after your pigs. You are given an endless supply of bricks to do the job, but no matter how long you work at it, the Big Bad Wolf will eventually blow your house in and come after you!

This game provides examples of

  • The Big Bad Wolf: Your adversary, who in the game is called Bigelow B. Wolf.
  • Blow You Away: Brick by brick.
  • Breaking Out: Inverted, as you drop bricks into the wall that the Big Bad Wolf is blowing away.
  • Breath Weapon: The Big Bad Wolf's breath, which looks like he's breathing a laser beam. It also doubles as part of his Vacuum Mouth when it touches one of your pigs.
  • Disneyfication: When you lose, the Big Bad Wolf just chases the pigs off the screen.
  • Excited Show Title!: One of Activision's examples.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: Eventually the Big Bad Wolf will capture each of your three pigs in the game.
  • Player Versus Player: In one game variation, one player controls the pigs while the other player controls the Big Bad Wolf, alternating roles between turns.
  • Scoring Points: For dropping bricks into the wall.
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  • Vacuum Mouth: The Big Bad Wolf's breath becomes part of this when it touches one of your pigs.
  • Video-Game Lives: Three

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