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Office Jerk is a Casual Video Game made by Fluik Entertainment for the iPhone and Android. The entire premise of the game involves pelting the titular Jerk with various objects as he's sitting at his desk trying to work. A fan moves from one side of the screen to the other and changes speeds (noted at the bottom of the screen), influencing how what you throw flies. You can also hit objects in the background like the picture of the Jerk or the window in the office door. As you land hits, you earn points which vary depending on what you hit; if you miss, the score resets to 0 and you have to start over again.

A companion game, Office Zombie, is exactly the same game, but with a horror-themed twist to the character, environment, and objects. A Christmas edition of Jerk was released in 2011, and a Summer Olympics-themed version was released in 2012.

These games provide examples of the following:

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    Common to all games 
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory:
    • Some items in both games have to be purchased. The games also allow you to earn coins (in the original Jerk), cash (the Summer Games version) and eyeballs (in Zombie) for completing certain objectives which can be used to obtain items.
    • Played with in the Summer Games version of Office Jerk. You can throw a wad of money at the Jerk; if he catches it, he'll give you a 25-point boost to your score.
  • The Computer Shall Taunt You: In both games, you'll get snarked at if you miss.
    • With the Jerk, it can be anything from a snort to actually turning around and laughing, along with other gestures. In the Summer Games version, he'll show you a 0 score card or give you a dramatic thumbs-down.
    • The Zombie sometimes snorts, but will usually turn around and laugh at you...and then he has to reset his jaw.
  • Eye Am Watching You: Both the Jerk and Zombie do this as taunts. The Jerk does the standard version. The Zombie takes his right eye out, points at it, points at you, and then sticks the eye back in the socket.
  • First-Person Shooter: Technically speaking.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: The Jerk and Zombie show are apparently this. The Jerk has a picture of himself with a cat and will occasionally "pet" the cat. The Zombie does the same, saying "Kitty..."
  • Made of Iron: Nothing that you hit the victim with has any lasting effect, even if the projectile explodes or possesses a sharp point.
  • Shows Damage: Both the Jerk and Zombie in various ways, depending on what they get hit with.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: It's pretty much the entire point of these games.

    Found in Office Jerk 
  • Camera Abuse: One of the items is a computer mouse. Sometimes, if the jerk catches it, he'll swing it like a yo-yo and crack your screen, causing the display to go black. Don't worry. The picture comes back when the crack disappears.
  • Rage Breaking Point: With some of the items, if you hit the Jerk enough times, he'll throw the item back at you.
  • Spit Take: The Jerk spews coffee if he takes a drink after you've landed something in his mug.
  • Squick: invoked The Jerk is grossed out by the brain, both when it hits him in the face and when he catches it.

    Found in Office Zombie 
  • Anvil on Head: Occasionally an anvil will be lowered from the ceiling which you can drop on the Zombie's head by hitting it with an object.
  • Brain Food:
    • The Zombie leans back and says "Braaaaaains!" as one of his taunts.
    • Several brains-related voice clips play in the background like intercom announcements, such as "Brains, line 1" or "Need brains in lunchroom."
  • Eye Scream: Depending on the item, you can hit the Zombie in the eye or knock his right eye out of his skull.
  • Losing Your Head: You can cut the Zombie's head off with a couple of items. When you throw it back, he'll stick it back on his neck and be good as new.

    Found in OJ: Summer Games 
  • Dodgy Toupee: Worn by the Jerk; you can knock it off with some of the heavier items.