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It feels like 1995 all over again...

"Continuing on from the terrorist incident at the Emeraldalo Corporation's headquarters, Agent Foldon uncovers schemes and projects far more horrific than could be imagined. All was not what it seemed at, or rather below, EMC's headquarters."

Office Point Rescue is first person retraux game developed by MagellanicGames, released in 2021... and could easily be passed off as a Konami / Capcom-style arcade game from 1995.

Described by it's developers as a fusion between GoldenEye and Time Crisis, like most arcade releases back then Office Point Rescue doesn't have much of a plot. A group of terrorists have taken over an office building called the Emeraldalo Corporation. You're a couter-terrorist agent, Foldon, and you're tasked with rescuing the building's employees while shooting terrorists in the face. Why else do you think it's called Office Point Rescue?

A complete playthrough is available here, all 25 minutes of it.

Find out the truth behind Emeraldalo Corporation:

  • Big Head Mode: One of the modes unlockable after you've completed the game at least once, not on yourself but on the game's enemies. Giving terrorists swollen, oversized heads makes a Boom, Headshot! easier.
  • Bland-Name Product: You regularly come across vending machines selling "Poka"-Cola. It could be derived from "Pokka", a real-life Japanese brand though.
  • Excuse Plot: There are terrorists with hostages, so shoot those you need to shoot and rescue those you need to rescue. No further plot elaboration required.
  • Everything Fades: Terrorists simply blinks out of existence after they're shot, as does rescued civilians. All part of the homage to old-fashion 90s arcade shooters, of course.
  • Gotta Rescue Them All: Several employees are held hostage by the terrorists, and you perform rescues simply by tagging them (at which point they simply run off). They'll let out either a "Thank you!" or "My Hero!" upon being freed.
  • The Guards Must Be Crazy: The terrorists in this game are probably the most incompetent terrorists in existence. You can have a large-scale shootout in one room... and in another adjacent one, terrorist guards would be chilling and oblivious to the sound of gunshots. Heck, you can gun down enemies in an L-shaped corridor with a loud shotgun and mooks in the other side of the bend will not hear a thing.
  • Homage: The whole game is one to old-school arcade shooters. They even lovingly recreated what appears to be the interiors of Chateau de Luc from Time Crisis in some areas.
  • Hyperactive Metabolism: You restore health by drinking water. Picking up water bottles will restore a quarter of your Life Meter, while reaching the office's water tumblers regenerates your life almost by half. Keep in mind that even arcade shooters in the 90s would use generic health packs.
  • Lethal Joke Item: The "Light Gun" you obtain halfway through, given it's namesake, looks exactly like those plastic guns you'd see in arcade shooting consoles back in the 90s. However it fires high-energy projectiles that can One-Hit Polykill mooks easily.
  • Mooks, but no Bosses: There are dozens and dozens of masked terrorists, but not a single boss in sight. The game just ends when you killed the last mook available.
  • Stylistic Suck: Some of the backgrounds, most likely to emulate older games with graphic limitations, despite being made in a time when no such limitations should exist. For instance, the conference room's curtains have the fabric visibly clipping into the background glass.
  • Vulnerable Civilians: Office employees can be accidentally killed in the crossfire, which penalize you in the process.