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This long-anticipated Missleman game is finally here! With over 20 levels and epic scenery, Missleman Spy Strike 2 may just be the best game I ever made.
— Author's description of the game

This game can be downloaded from the Official GameJolt Page

Missleman Spy Strike 2 is an independent game created by Ryan Silberman. The game's main focus is the adventures of both the leading cyborg Missleman and his good buddy Jessie Otto, an immortal racecar driving * Action Girl who fights enemies with martial arts. Critical reception of the game ranged from negative to lukewarm, and quite few have actually played it. There are no plans for a sequel, but a Spiritual Successor called Dynamite Alex is in the works by the same developer.

Missleman: Spy Strike 2 contains examples of:

  • All There in the Manual: The opening cutscene was scrapped, leaving the plot of this game in the dark. Not knowing the story can make some later cutscenes totally nonsensical due to the over-the-top plot. You can read the plot in the included "user's manual," however.

  • Back Tracking: Just wait until the level where you have to find the four keys and three switches. The level is frustrating as heck, but the level itself is still quite pretty looking.

  • Bat Man Can Breathe In Space: Missleman and Firefryer somehow have no problem with breathing, despite fire requiring oxygen to burn and Missleman (allegedly) having human breathing capabilities.

  • Bottomless Pits: God help you in any stage that scrolls vertically.

  • Big Bad: A cyborg-looking dimension traveler named Garrison. For some reason has not been introduced by name until Silberman's Somari 2, however..

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  • Game-Breaking Bug: in earlier versions of the game, loading your game directly after defeating Garrison in Missleman or Jessie's story will result in the game bringing you to the point past where the cutscene is supposed to finish, so you will be stuck forever.

  • Checkpoint: Averted. Oh Lord, is it averted.

  • Dummied Out: MANY, MANY levels and features. In fact, there's actually the entirety of Super Anjelo Land 1 hidden within the files of the game, totally unaccessible. Why you would want to access this game, however...

  • Easter Egg: Several characters can be found in the levels, including Anjelo Fil, munching on chicken and calling you "Mang," Zachary Spark, telling you that you're going the wrong way, and the *Demoted to Extra former main villain Dr. Sammy Otto.

  • Green Hill Zone: The tutorial stage.

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  • Invincible Minor Minion: Some of the spies in the stealth stages.

  • Multiple Endings: Play through in easy mode, and you get the "bad" ending where you see Missleman anticlimactically just shoot Garrison and he is cartoonishly charred. Go through all the trouble to get the get the good ending, however, and all you get is NES-styled text vaguely explaining the ending. This ending upset most of this game's fanbase.

  • Nintendo Hard: Not as hard on easy mode, but REALLY hard in normal, which you must complete to get the good ending.

  • Scenery Porn: Despite the first few levels looking somewhat bland, the city and aquatic cave levels can look quite pretty at times, even with the admittedly haphazard tileset arrangements.

  • Schizophrenic Difficulty: A problem with this game.

  • Sequel Difficulty Spike: MUCH, MUCH harder than the first game, which is now in a collection of "cheezy games."

  • Shout-Out: In the city levels, there are GIGANTIC billboards advertising games made by the friends of the game's main developer, including Developer Zachary Wiebe's Zach's Adventure (now entitled Dimesnion Spark), Super Kraft Man, and Indie Anjelo's Super Anjelo Land 2.

  • Bittersweet Ending: The good ending. It's just text. Not even an FMV cutscene like the ones that play anytime you hit a boss. Because of this, there is now a theory within the fanbase that Cred Street, the setting of the game, was completely destroyed. But hey, you stopped the bad guy, right? RIGHT?

  • The Hero: Missleman, Jessie, and Firefryer, a ball of blue fire.

  • Tube Travel: You get to ride around in air vents, though they are particularly buggy.

  • Under Ground Level: Plenty of them.

  • What Could Have Been: Imagine if a Mario engine was used for this game. Yeeeaaaah.


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