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Video Game / Horatio The Third Senior Manjensen With Knuckles

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Horatio the Third Senior Manjensen With Knuckles is a game based on a hypothetical idea for a game conceived by the Hobo Bros, which they made up on the fly while playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii (see here). They came up with the idea of a game starring a talking tree (with an emoji for a head) who must collect seven sacred watermelons to save the world from Doobie McDickhead, an evil talking chainsaw.


Some time later, some game developers got together and turned the Hobo Bros' idea into an actual game.

The game has unfortunately ceased development as of April 21st, 2019, but you can still download the latest demo right here. Or you can watch the Hobo Bros themselves play it here.

This game contains examples of:

  • Big Bad: Doobie McDickhead.
  • Foul Flower: The first enemies encountered in-game are anthropomorphic flowers with scary faces. Even the signpost that introduces them notes how freaky they look.
  • Idiot Plot: Played for Laughs. Horatio runs off to begin his adventure before Morgan Treeman could give him a weapon that would apparently have given him the ability to beat the game instantly.
  • Long Title: Complete with a reference to a meme.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Morgan Treeman, the Big Good, is a parody of Morgan Freeman.
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  • Signpost Tutorial: The first level features signposts that tell you how to play.
  • Stylistic Suck: The whole game is done in an intentionally crude style resembling something drawn in MS Paint.
  • Villain Opening Scene: The game opens with a cutscene of Doobie and his henchmen discussing their plan to take over the world.


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