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  • Angel of Darkness has a major bug called "Fatal Error - RMX version mismatch" that completely denies the player of going any further in the game. No explanation is given for this whatsoever, and it can happen at ANY point in the game when trying to access a new level. Unless you have other save files, you're screwed.
    • Due to its unfinished state, AoD has many similar glitches that can occur at any time when exploring. Best back up your saves to at least 3 different slots.
    • And even then, there's a high possibility that the disc itself is corrupted beyond repair, so no amount of saves will help you complete the game. If that's the case, you'll just have to buy a new copy and hope it doesn't suffer the same fate.
  • The Wii version of Underworld had a glitch in which exploring a watery passage without exploring down the hallway first would cause a switch later in the area to fail to spawn. Naturally, you need that switch to open a door. Without it, you're trapped forever.
    • In the PS2 version, it is possible to abandon the motorcycle at a spot that is hard to reach with it and impossible to reach without it — before you're done with it.
  • The Core Design games rely very infrequently on scripted sequences, instead letting the engine take care of all the rules and giving the player almost total control over Lara's movement. Thus it's often possible to end up in places where she's not meant to go and get stuck, since the game still considers them "valid" conditions.
    • In the original games, if you happen to save the game while sliding down a ramp that seems to lead to the next area but instead leads to a Bottomless Pit (or similar), then your only choice is to restart the game from the beginning (or load an earlier save-state, which probably won't exist). This problem is only present in the PC versions. On the PlayStation (1), you have the option to restart from the current level or a previous one.
    • In III, Lara needs to fill a water tank in London, opening the way to the exit. The tank is only partially filled at first, but she can still jump in the water and survive the fall. The only problem: she can't get out, and the exit's not open yet.
    • The first Ireland level in Chronicles also has an unwinnable situation which can happen if the player lets their curiosity get the better of them. After the cut scene of the priest throwing iron into a pit to repel a demon, it is possible to jump down in the pit, but you will die from the fall. However, having full health and dropping down into the pit by hanging from the edge makes it possible to survive the fall, but now you can't climb back out. Oops!
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    • Lara is able to navigate pits of spikes if she walks through them. However, if the game is saved while she is standing in the spikes and that save is later reloaded, then the game assumes that she's fallen on the spikes. She dies instantly.
  • In III, you need the quadbike. You will continue to need the quadbike. Don't leave it parked somewhere stupid where you can't reach it.
    • The game has an easy quicksave, and it will allow you to quicksave in the middle of certain-death situations, such as sinking in quicksand.
    • Not to mention that there are several bugs that will probably prevent you from reaching another area. Such as the Temple Ruins. If you go back to the first room inside the ruins (The one with the inanimate Shiva statue and shotgun shells) or save in the room, there is a chance that an invisible wall will spawn, blocking access to one of the paths with the Ganesha keys. The only way to remedy it is to reload the level. A similar invisible wall glitch can occur in Lud's Gate if you save too soon after throwing a certain switch.
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    • A notorious bug occurs in Aldwych if the player misses a certain tile in the room with the drill. If you skip the first secret, you will avoid this because you will end up stepping on the trigger tile. However, if you do choose to get the secret, make sure you climb up the front side of the hole. If you climb up the right and don't step on the tile between the hole and the other entrance (detailed on this screenshot), when you come back to the drill, the drill will sink far below instead of staying level with the doorway, making it impossible to continue the game unless you restart the level.
    • In The Lost City of Tinnos, there are four puzzle rooms, each with an Oceanic Mask that must be picked up at the end. It's possible not to pick up the masks, though, and a couple of the puzzle rooms can't be redone at that point.
  • In Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, you can skip levels with a cheat code. In some levels this is useful, but if it's used in certain levels with certain key items that seem to be inconspicuous at the moment but turn out to be necessary to unlock doors or other plot advancing actions in later levels, you're screwed. It's only safe to skip the first 4 levels in the linear Valley of the Kings segment- after that, Lara will have to travel between levels to make use of items.
  • The final level of Chronicles has several places where the game becomes Unwinnable if you save the game there, resulting in plot-critical items / enemies disappearing or never showing up; game scripts or mechanics getting screwed; doors not opening etc. In fact, this is such a problem that it's probably best to go through the last stage without saving at all, which due to the level's climactic nature is easier said than done. It's actually safe to save at will until Lara enters a particular storeroom with a turret and soldier- after that, it's highly recommended to back up saves across multiple slots.
  • Tomb Raider (2013) has a glitch where rope arrows will fail to work upon reloading a save. Unless the player was careful enough to save across multiple slots, Lara is screwed.

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