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I'm a huge nerd like most people here. I keep hearing that my page is rather small so here I go,

-Deep Breath-

Hi I'm zam I'm a young African American male troper I really like the main website then I discovered the forum I really don't have much to say though I find the people of the website to be a really cool group of Internet people.You still here? Go read about Samurai Jack Or Generator Rex or Megas Xl R or Doctor Who or Person of Interest or Breaking Bad or The Dresden Files or Atomic Robo or Y The Last Man or True Detective or Better Call Saul or Black Mirror or maybe even ... ..Abraham Lincoln punching out King Kong while hurling a flaming basketball into the sun. -Flanker 66


My tumblr:

Check out this webcomic not mine but pretty cool and Needs More Love: here.

And/or this webcomic.

Your Vandalism

  • My vandalism. * gives cup of coffee* - Bisected8
  • I just used your toilet. Ha. - toiletbomber
  • You're nice, intelligent, and funny. You're also not afraid to admit that you're a nerd. Good job! ~ Aliroz The Confused.
  • Who is your favorite Historical Personage? ~ Conversation Starter

  • I count over 11 individual tropes in this video.Sean Murray I
  • VANDALISM!!!! - A Crack In Time
  • There aren't enough vandals on your page, but I will fix that!Sean Murray I
  • The next time I go to the Lincoln Memorial, I'm going to point at the statue and yell, "it's zam!" just to confuse everyone else who happens to be there. -Exaggeration17A
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  • Hey, you, Lincoln! You and me, one on one! *Lincoln calmly pulls a gun out of his large hat and shoots Orcus* - Gentlemanorcus
  • Hello, wonderfully nerdy person! —Outta The BLAM
  • You a nice person and your hair smells nice —Vanthebaron
  • Pleased to meet you, zam. —A Random Serf
  • I have not yet vandalized your page. This has been rectified. Also, there is no problem on Earth that cannot be solved by a monkey with a flamethrower. —BlackWolfe
  • I think Charles Bronson is a tougher badass than Chuck Norris. Charles Bronson can kill Chuck Norris because Charles Bronson uses a gun. —Sean Murray I
    • Agreed
  • I'm disappointed to see that you don't get many visitors leaving messages on your page. That previous piece of vandalism from me must be from last Spring. And nobody has been vandalizing your space since? I've never felt so pissed off at the rest of the TV Tropes community before. —Sean Murray I

  • I wanted to wish you a happy Jesus Day or whatever. You may be wondering, but unfortunately, I don't have a copy of Glenn Beck's most recent family Christmas card, but here are 2009's and 2010's to make up for it. Also, I got this whole mess of crazy that my family and relatives have been getting as an apparent "holiday greeting card" from these distant cousins of mine. This is the most insane Christmas card I have ever come in contact with (worse than Glenn Beck 2010) in my life. Hell, FUCK THAT! This is crazier than Johnny Mnemonic! Yeah, I said it! But here it is, anyway—the worst, most insane Christmas card in the world. This NEEDS to be shared with the Internet. Save for a few censored details here and there (names of places and stuff), this letter is unchanged and untouched. —Sean Murray I
    We managed to get through 2011 without moving anywhere and without losing or changing jobs. I still work for forensic investigators (accidental or suspicious fires) and Joe is still Managing Director at [REDACTED] Cemetery in [REDACTED]. My neighborhood has several more new houses and unfortunately we have discovered that our next door neighbor is the neighborhood busybody and troublemaker. The wife especially (husband/wife in their 50s). She has some kind of abnormal fear or hate for plants, trees, flowers, etc., and in the Spring, she pulled out all of the greenery that the builder planted at her house. It stayed that way all Summer while the homeowners association continued to threaten her. She finally planted new greenery at the front foundation in October. We are not allowed to have holiday lighting except between December 1 and January 1. She put up weird orange lights for Halloween and left them on until Thanksgiving, finally changing them out for Christmas lights. Back to her hatred of plants: Joe did a lot of landscaping around our house and set up sprinklers everywhere something needed to be watered. She complained we were getting her grass wet on the borderline between our property and hers (freak!) then went so far as to pull out our sprinkler heads when we were not home, and denied it when we confronted her. We threatened to file a trespassing complaint. She retaliated by calling the police and saying we threatened her with a gun. Total lie. As it turns out, she's a pathological liar with a long history. There are several internet stories where she stirred up trouble at previous neighborhoods, restaurants, hotels, etc., each time making up some absurd lie, sometimes even bringing in the news media to spread her craziness. We ended up spending a few thousand dollars to put up a fence so that she cannot trespass. Well it protects the backyard at least. Fences are not permitted in the front yard. We will finally make the final payment on that big expense this month (well worth it, but I was hoping to buy it after we saved for it, not sooner). Everyone in the neighborhood hates this woman now and they all know the trouble she's made for us (they have their own stories to tell, too....she actually trespassed in someone's back yard while they were in their hot tub, surrounded by curtains for privacy....she opened the curtains to greet them. Yes, really!) Joe and I are convinced we are freak magnets. If there's a freak to be found, they will find us, and probably live next door. I know Joe wants to move again, but that's not going to happen unless we win the lottery. I am exhausted about moving. I hope the weirdo neighbor moves first. She supposedly never stays anywhere more than a year (it's been more than a year already at this address). She is overdue to move! Ha. ha. I hope you had a good year and that 2012 will be a good year for everyone.

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  • (Prays that the wall of text doesn't crush me) This is going to suck.-Xiphos Orochi 666
  • You're not real. You're a false identity created by the government. c: -Danniiee

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