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I am a panamanian, so half the shows I know are dubbed by mexicans, as born in early 90's my anime knowledge is plentiful, false. It means I liked Ranma, Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, and others (like pokémon).

Attending first year of college in my small and forgotten country, I really like physics, as taught by TV not. My favorite U.S. shows are old school like: Charlie's Angels, Kung Fu (David Carradine Rock'D), Knight Rider, Hulk, and the like. I like Police Procedural like Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Special Victims Unit, Shark. etc.


So anyone who wanna post Tropes that they feel that they Define me:

Go ahead


A Hot-Blooded man
Thinks Outta The BLAM is cute
Not from Mexico. ~Zudak

[[supersecretspoiler:Hoho, fun.]]

The new years vandal is international! Happy new year from Katrika!

Dude. The way people describe you makes you sound like a TV Tropes folk hero. That's so cool! - Burinnu

Also, important message to everyone, YOU JUST DON'T FUCK WITH AN ANGRY PANAMANIAN WITH TWO MACHETES. - Not-So-Badass Longcoat

The faeries commend you on excellent swordsmanship :) - a faerie

[[supersecretspoiler:[[lablenote:hey]] 286700/286724/294629]][[/labelnote]]

A "Hi" from one Hakumen fan to another. — Icarael

No excuse for giving my mark now instead of earlier. Regardless, better late than never. — Nathaniel The Seeker

That Nice Hat is mine. Object now or forever hold your peace. ...well, I tried :D ~ Aralyn

Hot Panamanian blood in action! — Amused Troper Guy


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