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You tell your friends your occupation is EAGERLY AWAITING THE APOCALYPSE, which you see as a SHARED OPPORTUNITY. You have ELABORATE PLANS for it, but never seem to get around to ENACTING THEM. Deep down you're FAIRLY NICE, though you conceal this carefully behind a COOL FACADE.

You occupy yourself by creating intricate FANTASY GAMES, all of which so far have proven DISTRESSINGLY NONLETHAL. You're HIGHLY SKILLED, though you're not egotistical enough to actually call yourself a MASTER OF EXTREME ROLE-PLAYING. The rest of your time is spent caring for your UNUSUAL PETS and indulging your fascination with CRIMINALS.

You know you're not supposed to side with DEBONAIR THIEVES and COOL KILLERS, but it's hard not to admire their INDIVIDUALISM. Nothing is better than a good CRIME MOVIE, but you tend to have RAREFIED TASTES in crime drama. You always have an eye for a DAPPER GENTLEMAN (or occasional LADY) in a FEDORA, and you know when you meet your KISMESIS it could be none other than a MASTER DETECTIVE.


Your trolltag is transhumanGangster and you have 1. a tendency towards making lists and 2. compulsively ranking and categorizing ... no, categorizing first, then ranking. Absolutely.

What do you do?

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