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Over the Edge is a tabletop roleplaying game by Jonathan Tweet, made in collaboration (to a certain extent) with Robin Laws and Mark Rein·Hagen. note . If Unknown Armies is the roleplaying game for the works of Tim Powers and Kult is the roleplaying game for the books of Clive Barker, then Over the Edge is the roleplaying game version of Naked Lunch. It also had a short-lived trading card game incarnation under the title On The Edge.

The game is set on the mysterious Mediterranean island of Al Amarja (moved to the Atlantic off the coast of Africa as of the third edition), which is ruled by Monique D'Aubainne and various members of her extended family. The D'Aubainnes have most of the laws of the U.S.A. (or something like them) on the statute-books but basically only enforce them if you attempt to mess with the status quo, making Al Amarja effectively a Libertarian despotism. As a result, it is home to every conspiracy imaginable (no, seriously, one splat-book has a table to determine whether any given housecat is an alien and part of the huge Conspiracy of Cats) as well as a haven for all sorts of freaks and malcontents.


The native Al Amarjians ("'Marjians" or "Martians" in local slang) are a mongrel and polyglot population, much given to self-expression largely (but not exclusively) in the form of drinking, drugs, public weirdness and violence. And they wear nooses instead of neckties.

This roleplaying game provides examples of:

  • Alien Geometries: The Terminal, Al Amarja's major airport. It's shaped like a step pyramid. An upside-down step pyramid. Try not to get lost.
  • All Myths Are True: At least, a good portion of them. And there's kitset rules for making up the rest of them.
  • Ancient Conspiracy: Several.
  • City of Adventure: The Edge, so much...
  • City of Spies: Pretty much every secret service has a branch on Al Amarja.
  • Conspiracy Kitchen Sink: See above.
  • Doomsday Device
  • Elvis Lives
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Even other drug dealers think the Sandmen are freaks.
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  • Everything's Worse With Baboons: The Dog Faces are a gang comprised of one old lady, her freaky radio technology and a horde of intelligent baboons. They're dangerous, to say the least.
  • Evil Twin: The Andalusia Dog's half brother, Rex.
  • Expy: Al Amarja for Interzone.
  • Fantastic Drug: Lots of them. And then subverted with Wings, which is sold as if it has the same weird psychic effects as the fringe-tech drugs, but is actually just LSD.
  • Granola Girl: The girls in Alpha Rho Tau.
  • High Times Future: Not only are drugs legal in Al Amarja, but there are some gloriously weird examples of Fantastic Drug too.
  • Mad Scientists : They're called "Oppenheimers".
  • Milkman Conspiracy: These are also numerous.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Mr. LeThuy, an unassuming Vietnamese man. He's also a dangerous nihilist who wants to destroy the universe.
  • Puppeteer Parasite: The Kergillians
  • Reality Warper: The Cut-Ups Machine, and by extension the people in the Cut-Ups Project, will change reality if any organisation gets too close to running the world. The Throckmorton Machine is also a reality warper, only in the opposite direction and much more slow-acting.
  • Really 700 Years Old: according to one supplement, medieval alchemist Nicholas Flamel and his wife now reside on the island.
  • Serious Business: The Sommerites are a religion worshipping the rock vocalist Karla Sommers. They throw good parties.
  • Shout-Out: Al Amarja is basically Interzone on even more drugs.
    • One of the cards in On The Edge is The Centipede, a shout out to the film version of the The Mask (which took place in 'Edge City').
    • Assorted members of the Cut Ups are shout outs: Doctor What, the Andalusia Dog, Terry Gilliam and real life rpg designer Doc Cross.
  • Those Wacky Nazis: Monique D'Aubainne bought the island off them during World War II.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: The glugs are the real humans. The rest of the human race are mutants bred to destroy them.
  • Vice City: The Edge.
  • Wretched Hive: Al Amarja.