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Troper Wall / Callmeamuffin

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Let’s see which tropers want to friendly vandalize this page...

  • I came, I saw, I vandalized. -Bluethorn
  • What if I wanted to call you a cupcake instead? ~War Jay 77
  • Boo! -Delibirda
  • Vandalising with cuteness. - Mkay Rose
  • Thanks for your contributions, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who regularly cleans up wicks. - FernandoLemon
  • Watch out, Aran's gonna getcha! - NoonboryKedabory
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  • You've done quite a few useful edits. I also offer a belated thanks for punctuality on actually launching Anonymous Pay Phone Call when you said you would, it sure surprised me. - Piterpicher
  • Hoi! - Rainbow Pumpqueen

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