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  • Actor Allusion: On the back of the chapter insert of the U.S. DVD, it says "Neve Campbell is a Scream!"
  • Billing Displacement: Despite prominent billing, Bill Murray only gets about twenty minutes of screentime.
  • Completely Different Title:
    • French Canada: Streetwalkers
    • Czech Republic: Dangerous Games
    • Croatia: Wild Game
    • Hungary: Wild Desires
    • Poland: Wild Yearnings (Dzikie Żądze)
    • Serbia: Wild Passions
    • Slovenia: Wild Passion
  • Dawson Casting: Denise Richards was 27, Neve Campbell 25, both playing high school girls. Justified by some of the sexual content, which might be Squick-y if it featured actual high schoolers.
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  • Deleted Scene: Several scenes were not included in the film, including one that expands on Suzie's motives for the Gambit Pileup scheme: She's actually an unacknowledged heir to the Van Ryan estate. Sandra Van Ryan's late father was an adulterous philanderer with a love of hookers, meaning Suzie is Sandra's half-sister. Of course, this makes her seducing Sandra's daughter Kelly a lot more squicky in hindsight as well, which is probably why it ended up being cut.
  • Parody Retcon: The movie is generally seen as a Guilty Pleasure if nothing else, but the sheer volume of unintentional hilarity has lead some to hypothesize that it may have been a Stealth Parody of erotic thrillers all along. It was directed by an indie filmmaker with a history of making clever movies, and it gives a juicy (and funny) supporting role to a well-known comedian (Bill Murray), so the hypothesis isn't unreasonable.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • This version of the script provides some additional backstory for many of the characters, in particular giving both Sam and Kelly more reason to get involved in the conspiracy. Unfortunately, this backstory was cut from the final version of the film.
    • Robert Downey Jr. was originally cast as Sam Lombardo, but dropped out.
  • Working Title: Sex Crimes, which was its actual title in multiple countries. This makes the intro of the movie also a Title Drop when Sam gives a lecture on the topic.


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