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Trivia / The Secret of the Magic Potion

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  • Novelization: The film was released a few weeks before Christmas 2018. At least four different illustrated books of different designs and prices were immediately available in French book stores.
  • The Other Darrin: A rather unusual case for Asterix himself since it also happens to involve Role Reprise. This is the first animated Asterix film in which Roger Carel didn't do the voice acting for the title character, as he's now retired — he has voiced Asterix since Asterix the Gaul all the way back in 1967 up until The Mansion of the Gods in 2014. He was voiced instead by Christian Clavier, the actor who played him in live action in Asterix & Obelix Take on Caesar and Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra.
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  • Posthumous Credit: Morten Røhrt who did the voice of Julius Caesar in the Norwegian dub died a few weeks before its release in Norway.
  • Production Posse: Just like The Mansions of the Gods, a good deal of voice actors of the French dub also worked in Kaamelott, by director Alexandre Astier. This includes newcomer Christian Clavier, who's been one of the guest stars in Kaamelott.
  • Role Reprise: Christian Clavier voices Asterix. He played the character in the 1999 and 2002 live-action films.


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