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Porta dos Fundos (literally meaning Backdoor) is a Brazilian comedy troupe founded in 2012, helmed by Fábio Porchat, Antonio Pedro Tabet, Gregório Duvivier, Ian SBF and João Vicente de Castro. Their YouTube channel is currently the biggest in Brazil. They are known for their surrealistic, sometimes borderline fantastic realism, black humor. They are often compared to Monty Python.

Provides examples of:

  • Adam Westing: Zigzagged and played with. Sometimes the actors play their non-acting persona, sometimes not.
    • Played for laughs when, in a sketch, Rafael Infante plays Fábio Porchat´s persona as his creative conscience manager, inside Porchat´'s mind.
  • Bad Future: In a sketch, all social venues are replaced by evangelical churches. So are all TV channels.
  • Black Humor: Some sketches border on heartbreaking territory.
  • Biting-the-Hand Humour: Somewhat of. Some of their sketches are paid or even scheduled by sponsoring brands. What not protects them from being used in such bawdy jokes that some companies would sue someone for being cast into. The most funny part is that they WANT it.
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  • Comically Missing the Point "KKKKKK" has two white men trying to start a KKK chapter, only for one of them to not know what exactly is it supposed to do, so when he gathers members, they're all black people who don't know what a KKK chapter is supposed to do, so the leader has to awkwardly deal with the situation.
  • From Bad to Worse: "Barata no Banheiro"(Cockroach in the Bathroom) tells the story of a girl asking her husband to kill a cockroach in the bathroom. He goes in to find a strange man in the bathroom; they call the building handyman and when he goes in the bathroom, he comes back telling it became a hostage situation with a woman and her baby in the bathroom, they call the policeman and the thing turns worse when the baby turns out to be a zombie, a zombie killer is called to warn that a chemical reaction between the zombie baby's blood and the shampoo opened a portal summoning demons and vampires. They call a priest who hits his leg in the toilet and decides to go back, so they call a pizza and to avoid paying, they send the guy to the bathroom who comes back telling that Hitler is back. And the cockroach still wasn't killed.
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  • Jesus Was Way Cool: A lot of sketches involves Jesus or God in Biblical Times or in modern times passing through the same nonsense and bawdy things as other characters do.
  • Loony Fan: In one sketch, a fan threatens his rock idol in lending some money to him because of all he invested for going to his band shows, and cites how John Lennon died to make his point.
  • The Lost Lenore: The sketch Carla...
  • Magic Realism: The plot of some, if not most sketches, happen in universes that range from having specific police inspections for cannabis and crack, to restaurants that serve dicks as the only course, to women being visited by their self-esteem fairy.
  • Recurring Character: Antônio Tabet, aka Kibe has repeatedly played police captain Peçanha
  • Rich Idiot with No Day Job: One sketch involves a guy, who is clearly a mama´s boy who never worked in his life, filling for a job in a company. He cites as his previous experiences being Social Media Manager of his own Facebook and Instagram accounts, and at a fast food chain as regular client. And doing grocery for his mom with assistance from two house servants. His position in this job being drive the car and open the trunk for the goods being put into.
  • Serial Escalation: This is how many jokes play out
    • "Barata no Banheiro"(Cockroach in the Bathroom) escalates from a single cockroach in the bathroom of a couple to the apocalypse happening.
    • "Vendedora" (Saleswoman) has a woman buying a belt, but the saleswoman quickly convinces her to buy a dress, then shoes, then a new car, then a new house, then a whole new family.
  • Terrorist Without A Cause: Played with. In one sketch, an islamic terrorist which is supposed to have orchestrated an attack in New York City returns from there full of merchandise, having used his alloted funds to have fun instead.


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