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"Who is The Impossible Man?"
Yuki Shimizu

The Impossible Man, written by H-M Brown, is a Science Fiction Comedy, Web Original Novel.

It follows the story of Michael Garcia, who is nicknamed The Impossible Man, and owns a store called The Impossible Man's Anime and Manga Shop, set in the fictional Denfair City, New Jersey. He has a special ability that no one can truly explain nor comprehend. By using that power in his store one day, he attracted many new customers around the world, and a set of unwanted problems.

The story starts off with Michael Garcia's store already established and finds himself receiving a new employee hired by his mother, without his knowledge. From there on, new problems fall on Michael's lap, on top of the problems he already had since his store's rise to popularity.

The Impossible Man has self contained Chapters, or Episodes as the author labels it, that explores a specific aspect of POP Culture from the United States, Japan, and Latin America, and turns it on its head, from a Comedy Anime perspective.

As the story warns, The Impossible Man is not for the logic minded and the common sense.

Not to be confused with this Superhero team's Arch-Enemy of the same name.

Story available via this link.

"Here there be spoilers!"

The Impossible Man contains examples of:

  • A Twinkle in the Sky: Happens to Wolfgang and a brainwashed Kaori, when Yuki used her most powerful attack on them, and sent them into the sky "until a pair of stars flashed in the distance."
  • Arbitrary Skepticism: Jamal Jones, despite being friends with The Impossible Man for so many years, and seen so many weird things unimaginable, chooses to be a skeptic to maintain his sense of sanity.
  • Cool Sword: Kaori's wooden sword was said to have been carved by Miyamoto Musashi before it was discarded in favor for the famous oar he used in one of his fights. It is said that the sword is so powerful it could literally cut existence itself.
  • Stock Weapon Names: Kaori's wooden sword is called Seizon, which means existence. Yuki Shimizu's staff is called Tsubasa.
  • Transformation Trinket: Yuki has a brooch that turns her into the Magical Girl Scarlet Sorceress.
  • Transformation Sequence: Subverted. Yuki has a tranformation sequence, but she hides behind the scenes, and you only get the sound effects and flashy lights.
  • Villain Team-Up: The Amalgamated Union of Malicious Malcontents: Wolfgang, Sam Stone, Mr. Tanaka, Barry, and Al.