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Trivia / That Mitchell and Webb Look

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  • Actor Allusion: In two different sketches in Series 3 and 4, both Mitchell and Webb explicitly make references to Peep Show, which of course stars the two.
  • Accidentally Correct Writing: The sketch featuring a fake advert for the alcoholic sports drink "Glucozade Port" (a parody of Lucozade Sport) becomes this when you realise the original name of Lucozade was called Glucozade when it was first released, which is implied the writers of the sketch weren't aware about this fact.
  • Defictionalization:
    • Yes, you can actually get the green clarinet and the red tuba (although not exact ones) from the "Green Clarinet Man" sketch online, which disappointingly don't have the special powers from the sketch itself.
      • Additionally, when the show first aired, viewers were able to enter a competition to win the actual clarinet prop from the "Green Clarinet Man" sketch. The competition allowed participants to come up with a new useless sidekick à la BMX Bandit from the well known "Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit" sketch. The winning entry was revealed to be Yo-yo Lad.
  • Hide Your Pregnancy: Subverted with actress Olivia Colman for Series 2, whose prominent belly was visible no matter what sketch she was in. It was brought up in one sketch, but apart from that it wasn't mentioned or relevant to the sketch at all, although they didn't really try and hide it either. Not hiding it made at least one sketch Darker and Edgier than it was originally intended to be written, which involved Colman's heavily pregnant character being strangled to death by her husband.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: When Series 3 and 4 aired on TV, viewers could access the extras of the show via BBC Red Button, featuring animated sketches from the radio series (with two animated by famous British animators David Firth and Edd Gould), behind the scenes footage, interviews and unseen sketches. While some of the animated sketches and unseen sketches were already on YouTube, some of the other content didn't see the light of day when the series stopped airing (They didn't even appear on the DVD extras). However, all of the Red Button extras were available online starting from June 2018.
  • Life Imitates Art: One "Sir Digby Chicken Caesar" sketch had a scene in which a little girl knights Sir Digby in the beach. Nine years later, Nigel Farage had a similar experience.
  • No Export for You: In the US, the show ran for a period on Netflix and Hulu, and it hasn't been made available there since those streaming runs ended.
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  • Real Song Theme Tune: The theme song is a slightly edited version of "Alive & Amplified" by The Mooney Suzuki.
  • Recycled Set:
    • The corner store set from the "tremendous thirst" sketch was reused in the "Biscuit Telekinesis" sketch.
    • The house from the Coverage of People Buying a House and then Living in It sketch was reused in the "Green Clarinet Man" sketch.
  • Recycled Script: Some of the show's sketches are adapted from the radio version, occasionally with alterations, occasionally not, such as the "are we the baddies" sketch, and the "merger" sketch.

Unsorted Trivia:

  • Throughout the "Jet Pack" sketch, while Webb's character is interviewing Mitchell's, several people are shown with the aforementioned product flying through the sky. As revealed by "behind the scenes" footage on the Series 4 DVD, these people are in fact the crew members of the show, including the producer.

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