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Headscratchers / That Mitchell and Webb Look

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  • Can anyone work out the meaning of the Flamingo sketch. I've seen three possible explanations:
    • It's all an elaborate scam, with there being no flamingos at all, just men dressed in pink. Their families can't see this because they're too far away and aren't allowed binoculars. The owner charges them huge amounts of money to sit there forever waiting in vain for their husband/father to return.
    • It's a metaphor for homosexuality, with men escaping traditional family life to dress in garish pink and drink cocktails with other men.
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    • It's a metaphor for alcoholism, as breadwinners abandon their familial responsibilities to drink and party, oblivious to the suffering they inflict on their loved ones.
    • It could also, to be entirely fair and consider all the possibilities, just be a bit of absurdist weirdness on a sketch comedy show. Not everything's a metaphor for something else.
    • I always saw it as some "boy's club" where dissatisfied married men could spend the day drinking with friends under the guise of giving their wife and kids a grand day out, the joke being that they'd go to such lengths just to escape married life for a couple of hours. I don't think it has any particular meaning beyond that.
  • Why was Hennimore never fired?
    • In each sketch, Hennimore is working for a different company, as is his boss. Presumably, they both keep getting fired, only to both get new jobs with same company. And Boss can't object to getting Hennimore as his deputy again without revealing his own role in their past disasters.

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