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  • The last scene in the Biscuit Telekinesis sketch is rather epic when Webb's character screams a Big "NO!" when Mitchell's character is knocked unconscious by the packet of biscuits, which consists of several shots of biscuits exploding one by one in a supermarket aisle, and in a factory.
  • David Mitchell's two minute motormouth rant to camera in the Watch The Football! sketch, since in real life he is about as far away from a loudmouth football announcer as possible. Obviously goes over well with non-sports fans, but probably also going over well even with football fans for massively skewering UK Sky Sports trailers habit of hyping-up every single match they show.
    "Every kick of it massively mattering to someone, presumably!"
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  • The Gift Shop Sketch, in which the premise takes a mediocre sketch about a gift shop and advertises it to be exciting complete with intense music and an announcer, parodying reality shows that use Previously On… segments. You can already tell someone had fun editing this sketch, because the way it's been presented is epic.
  • The final sketch, Old Holmes, is a bit of a Moment of Awesome for the show just in how expertly they mixed humour and the overall melancholy sorrow and tenderness. Few are the teams who can make a Tearjerking Heartwarming moment Funny.
  • Darcy’s Precision F-Strike to Caroline Bingley in the “Posh Dancing” sketch is both awesome and hilarious.
  • The Kitchen Nightmares spoof ends with the beleaguered cook giving Webb!Ramsay "The Reason You Suck" Speech and calling him out for not actually being of any functional help, instead just showcasing his own talents while not giving active instructions.

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