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Works in this franchise with their own Trivia pages:

The Franchise in general:

  • Actor-Shared Background: Richard Crenna playing military character relates to Crenna having served in the military in real life during World War II.
  • The Character Died with Him:
    • Trautman died off screen in the fourth movie because Sylvester Stallone felt it wouldn't feel right replacing the late Richard Crenna. As he himself put it: "Trautman died the day my friend Richard died."
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    • Despite surviving the events of the first film, according to the Rambo Wiki, there's a possibility Teasle could have died afterwards from natural causes exacerbated from the injuries he sustained in the climax in one's speculation and considering the fact that his actor Brian Dennehy would later on pass away from natural causes as well in 2020, out of meta-Sympathy for the Devil respect, some could perceive Teasle died the day Dennehy died of the same cause of natural causes.
  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Sylvester Stallone named First Blood as his favourite entry, followed by Rambo IV, then Rambo III, with Rambo: First Blood Part II being his least favourite.
  • Dawson Casting: In reality, Sylvester Stallone was born in 1946 making him slightly too old to be drafted to fight in the Vietnam War (arguably his partial facial paralysis sustained during a difficult birth would have precluded him anyway).
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  • Divorced Installment: For the Rambo Master System game, Sega's license was only applicable for the American version, so when it ended up being released in Japan and Europe, it was relabeled Ashura and Secret Commando respectively, with all use of Rambo imagery and theme music taken out.
  • Fake Russian: Both Podovsky and Zaysen were played by an Englishman (Steven Berkoff) and a Frenchman (Marc de Jonge), respectively.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Parts II & III especially, due to their late Cold War setting. Even the fourth movie is showing signs of this, with Myanmar slowly but surely opening up politically.
  • What Could Have Been: Stallone also wavered a bit on whether he would be part of the TV series about Rambo mentoring his son, before ultimately opting out.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Rambo Wiki.
  • In Japan, where Rambo was indeed very popular, the word "rambo" can be translated as "senseless violence"
    • Likewise, in Finland, "Rambo" has become a generic word to describe a commando of any sort. So much so that many younger people are surprised to find out the word comes from the movies instead of the other way around.


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