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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Rambo's knives, over the course of the series, reflect the development of the character through the years. At first, they're finely honed and crafted with a touch of finesse - especially the one in the third movie - much like Rambo himself; in the first three movies, he's physically well-defined, and rather than just plowing through the enemy, uses skill and cunning - his "hide and seek" tactics in the second and third movies come to mind. Come the fourth movie, his knife, while certainly a deadly instrument, has none of the artistry of the previous blades; it's best described as a simple mix of a machete and meat cleaver. Rambo himself, at this point, just seems to be an instrument of war and death - muscular yet bulky, and rather than the usual cat and mouse tactics, he simply devastates the enemy soldiers with a .50 caliber machine gun.
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  • Seeing the Tatmadaw officer with the Jericho 941, even if it's not the standard sidearm, should give you an idea on who's been arming the Tatmadaw over the years after the West began to cut Myanmar from buying arms due to human rights violations.

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