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Trivia / Mr. Bug Goes to Town

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  • Acting for Two: Jack Mercer voices both Swat and Mr. Bumble.
  • Amateur Cast: Stan Freed and Pauline Loth as both Hoppity and Honey, with this film being their only major screen credit.
  • Box Office Bomb: Only made $241,000 out of its $713,511 budget in both of its theatrical releases in 1941 and 1946.
  • Creator Backlash: According to "The Fleischer Story", Max Fleischer considered the film a failure, even compared to Gulliver's Travels, and refused to even consider the film one of his achievements when he was interviewed in the 1950's. However, this could be chalked up to some unfortunate behind the scenes problems, such as the fact that he had a terrible falling out with his brother, Dave Fleischer, during the film's creation, and the fact that the films release coincided with Paramount kicking him and Dave out of their own studio and turning it into Famous Studios.
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  • Follow the Leader: As noted, this film is different than Disney product of the day because it is set in a contemporary setting. But still, the musical sequence where the bugs sing as they set up Mr. Beetle and Honey's wedding plays very much like a Silly Symphony.
  • Schedule Slip: Max and Dave Fleischer had planned to release the film earlier in 1941, but pushed it to December on account of Walt Disney's Dumbo being in theaters. Unfortunately, this backfired as the film was released just two days before the attacks on Pearl Harbor, resulting in the film bombing hard. Even if it weren't for that, Paramount screwed them over by refusing to promote the film anyway.
  • What Could Have Been: Thunderbean Animation had planned to release a fully restored Blu Ray of the movie scheduled for a July 2017 release. But we’re unable to secure the rights from Paramount and Viacom.


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