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Trivia / Mr. Bungle

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  • Adored by the Network: Despite never being well known, Mr. Bungle has essentially a standing contract to make music for Warner Bros. Word is several higher ups at the label absolutely love them, along with Patton's other more famous band.
    • They've engaged in some Self-Deprecation about it: The back of an official shirt they sold on one tour consisted of a letter complaining that their music was a self-indulgent mess and no major label would have even touched them if it weren't for their connection with Faith No More (it seemed to be a real letter that an anonymous listener sent to their label).
  • Old Shame: Certainly their early demos qualify, but in an odd subversion, their NAME. Post their first album, the band lamented many times they regretted sticking with it (merely meant as a placeholder initially, based on the short mentioned above), and after their first album with Warner they wanted to change it, but were told essentially they couldn't.
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  • Throw It In!: After "Merry Go Bye Bye" ends, the band starts messing with their instruments for fun (you can hear them laughing in the background). It seems that it wasn't intended, since at a certain point someone realizes that the recording equipment was left on and desperately yells "IT'S ALL ON TAPE!". It was probably left in because they found the whole thing way too stupid to throw out.
  • What Could Have Been: During interviews, the group have mentioned a few ideas for releases that for whatever reason never got off the ground. These included a Distinct Double Album consisting of one "poppy" EP and one "experimental" one, an EP of "circus organ" music, and a Cover Album that would have featured some of the songs they've covered live over the years.


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