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YMMV / Mr. Bug Goes to Town

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  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: As noted above, it was a major financial failure in its home country of the United States, where it remains obscure and unpopular. In Japan, however, it's considered an animation classic- Disney's DVD release in the country was produced by none other than Studio Ghibli, and at the 2003 Laputa Animation Festival in Tokyo, a group of 140 animators deemed it to be the 13th best animated film ever made!
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  • Ugly Cute: The characters, arguably. As one Fleischer animator named Howard attests:
    "You can draw a bug and make it cute as hell—as cute as a bug's ear, in fact, but I thought those characters designs were gruesome. Hoppity has a big, bloated head stuck on a skinny body."
  • Values Dissonance: One possible reason the film isn't as popular nowadays is because there are many moments that can be considered racially-insensitive today, including Swat doing a crude and stereotypical Chinese man impression while holding rice (complete with squinting eyes and gibberish), Hoppity imitating a Native American while being electrocuted (complete with Swat doing a crude war cry), and even Hoppity wearing blackface after an explosion at one point. One will even notice the blackface in Swat's design.note 


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