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Trivia / Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen

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  • Ascended Glitch: It didn't come to light until after testers had a hold of the game that the Yamato Spear could be used to reverse engineer 'exit-only' entrances. If fired into a wall 'just right,' the player could utilize the Yamato Spear as a platform to slide into what would previously be an impossible slide passage from that angle. It was a complete oversight on the part of Dark Flame Wolf who never thought to use the Yamato Spear that way. She liked the ingenuity of the testers and decided to let the bug stay in, rewarding those crafty players who chose to think outside the box.
    • One could also utilize either the Rain Flush or the Tornado Blow in Magnet Man's stage at the EXACT point where the Mag Flies spawned to rack up insane amounts of points in seconds. Dark Flame Wolf was so impressed that such a point exploit was possible that she didn't bother to fix it and instead left the glitch in.
  • Follow the Leader: The Mega Man Rocks fan game pretty much inspired the creation of this game. The author, Dark Flame Wolf, came into contact with Eric Ruth asking if he was willing to part with coding for his fan-game so she could build off its foundation. He gladly gave her the game file, not truly believing that anything would come out of it; especially given how limited Dark Flame Wolf 's programming experience was. With the help of Jman2050, the game engine has morphed into an altogether different beast.
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  • Milestone Celebration: Subverted. The game was intended to be released during the 25th anniversary of Mega Man but ultimately did not make the deadline.
  • She Also Did: You may recognize the name Dark Flame Wolf from other fan created games including:
    • Realms of Grune and The Return, two add-on episode packs for Duke Nukem 3D.
    • Bahagad Outbreak, The Lost Levels, The Enemy Within, and Descent Vignettes for the Descent series.
    • Lost Isle, Origin, Isle of the Winds, Hidden Duality, Ganon's Claim, Wolfstyle DX, and Fragments of Power quests for The Legend of Zelda game-making clone Zelda Classic.
    • Land of Dreams, Megaman Tournament, and her upcoming Amulet of Fate, all made in RPG Maker 2k3.
    • To a lesser extent, her multitude (250+ levels) of level addition packs for Big Kahuna Reef.
  • Trolling Creator: What was seen as a great boon to speed runners by allowing players to completely skip the first half of Magnet Man's stage without the need for any upgrades was undeniably shut down with the latest 1.4.5 update where the alternate path now requires some jump enabling upgrade to reach, thus altering any speed runner's route through the robot masters. One could say this was balanced out by allowing players to use the previously Knight Crush locked alternate paths in Spark and Yamato man stages with only the Power Stone, but it still limits your routing options.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Beat was at one point considered to be implemented into the game. Upon seeing the multitude of upgrades and expanded uses of the current set of Robot Master weapons, it was deemed that Beat would ultimately be redundant and was left out.
    • Pharaoh Man wasn't initially picked to be in the game but rather shoehorned in due to his popularity within the Mega Man community. The original pick was going to be between Skull Man or Drill Man to complement Toad Man from Mega Man 4. However, due to secondary Robot Masters having similar abilities and/or natures (Stone Man and Star Man), they were dumped in favor of Pharaoh Man.
    • It was originally conceived to have the game restart the player from the start of every stage after losing all lives and continuing, despite how far or how many level checkpoints passed. Due to harsh tester feedback, permanent checkpoints were implemented that were only reset when exiting back out to the stage selection screen. The frustration level could have been a lot worse... The lack of permanent checkpoints in the Wily Skull Castle stages may be a carryover or a Shout-Out to the old game design however.
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    • The Robot Master selection process involved several qualifications:
      • Only two Robot Masters from each game had to be chosen.
      • Each Robot Master chosen from each game needed to be a favorite of the author, Dark Flame Wolf.
      • The Robot Master weapons amongst the 10 selection picks must not overlap in function or utility.
      • Since the limit of Robot Masters was 10, those found in Mega Man and Mega Man 2 were unfortunately left out; in favor of those from Mega Man games the author was more familiar with.
      • The decision between Centaur Man, Knight Man and Yamato Man from Mega Man 6 was fierce; so much so that a compromise couldn't be made. So instead, Knight Man was reworked as a secret boss that had a more integral part of the story than just another Robot Master.
      • Due to the lack of 8-bit sprites for Robot Masters from Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8, they were not featured or selected as primary bosses for this game. However, that did not stop them from making bit-part cameos as Wily Capsule shadow attacks in the final boss battle!
      • Since Mega Man 10 was released shortly after this game was well under production, two Robot Masters from that game could not make it in to the final line-up. However, Sheep Man, Nitro Man, Pump Man and Chill Man will be bit-part cameos as Wily Capsule shadow attacks in the final boss battle!
    • Up until 2013, there were only two people working on the game: The lead designer, Dark Flame Wolf, and Jman2050, the programmer. There were no sprite artists or graphics person on the team. Requests were sent out in 2009/2010 to aid in the assistance of making new Robot Master sprites and level tilesets, but no one helped. In 2013, an artist joined the team: sn0wshepherd. If she had hopped aboard in 2009/2010 back when things weren't so locked in production, we could have potentially had a different game.
      • sn0wshepherd was primarily working on opening and ending cutscene cinematics, but due to real life issues she had to bow out and demote to just another tester. She did provide the new splash loading screen and title screen for the project, though.


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