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  • Channel Hop: The show was produced by Paramount Television (now CBS Television Distribution) until its cancellation after season 7. The show was then revived by Studios USA (producer of The Jerry Springer Show) for season 8, and has remained there even after Studios USA was rebranded to what is now NBCUniversal.
  • Executive Meddling: Former employees of the show have claimed that while the guests are real people and not actors, they are coached by the production staff to act over the top and are fed lines to say during the show.
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  • God Does Not Own This World: Maury can't show any clips of the original version of the show since it is owned by CBS.note 
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: As aforementioned, the 1991-1998 run is almost impossible to come across aside from bootlegging, due to ownership issues. Not even the Nosey video service, which showcases a large number of classic Maury episodes that haven't been seen in years, features no episodes from that era.
  • Long-Runners: Maury is the only true competitor of Jerry Springer still on the air.note  Interestingly, each show is owned by NBCUniversal, their studios are (since 2009) located in Stamford, Connecticut and most stations air both shows on their schedules.
  • Milestone Celebration:
    • The show celebrated its 2500th episode on September 5, 2013.
    • The show celebrated its 3000th episode on May 25, 2016.
  • Network to the Rescue: By the seventh season, Paramount was planning to cancel Maury as the series was losing viewers to The Jerry Springer Show. Maury Povich, desperate to hold on to his job, decided to shop the series elsewhere. Not coincidentally, Studios USA Television (who produced Springer at the time) saw interest in his show and agreed to pick it up beginning with season eight, under the condition that the series undergo a major overhaul that made it explore more provocative, Springer-like topics, though unlike Springer, the guests and atmosphere were more subdued.
  • You Look Familiar:
    • Frequent fliers galore, especially for DNA tests. One woman, Sholonda, tested 17 men trying to find the father of one child (among whom were one white guy and her cousin). She never found the father. She later came back to reveal to her husband, Tywrell, that she cheated on him again and her second child she had with him might not be his. Fortunately, it turned out he was the father.
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    • Georgetta, Marisol, and Simone also appeared 13 to 14 times each, testing 11-17 men for their child or children (as many as 6 in Marisol's case) apiece. Simone and Georgetta have also made appearances in cheating shows; Simone's boyfriend slept with her sister, while Simone cheated on her boyfriend 200 times, and Georgetta bragged about having sex with another woman's man.
    • Several guests, especially out of control teens, that have appeared on the show for things besides DNA/lie detector tests return because they need to find out if their significant other is cheating on them or to prove to someone they are the father of a child. One young woman named Jessica, who appeared on the show two times in 2005 because she was very out of control, reappeared numerous (5+) times over a span of 6 years because she was being cheated on by her significant other. This man also denied he was the father of both of their kids, they both were his, and somehow, they still are together. It's worth noting that a lot of times, especially when the former guest is an out of control teen, they don't reference their first appearances.
  • You Might Remember Me from...: Prior to starting this show, Maury was best known for being a news anchor in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. He later became the original host of A Current Affair; he hosted a brief 2000 revival of 21 on NBC, and is married to newswoman Connie Chung.


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